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'Big Brother' winner Adam Jasinski gets 4 years

Big Brother 9’s winner Adam Jasinski has been sentenced to 4 years in prison on drug and tax charges stemming from his arrest in a sting operation in 2009, according to multiple online published reports.

Rolls-Royce says engine incident will hurt

London -- Airplane engine producer Rolls-Royce said an engine failure that caused an emergency landing in Singapore would impact its profits this year.

The Qantas flight with 400 passengers on board made the emergency landing after one of its Trent 900 engines exploded over Indonesia.

The Daily Telegraph reported Friday Rolls-Royce admitted a defective part caused a fire, which then caused a turbine disc to stop functioning.

No one was injured in the incident, but Rolls Royce Chief Executive Officer John Rose said, "This event and the consequent actions will have an impact on the group's financial performance this year."

Experts: 10/10/10 computer fears overblown

Abingdon, England -- British computer security experts said fears of a 10/10/10 computer failure or virus Oct. 10 are likely overblown.

Online forums have been filling with questions about clocks failing at 10:10 a.m. due to the number symmetry and many have raised fears of a special 10/10/10 virus, but Graham Cluley, computer safety expert at Sophos, said it's probably just the latest in a long line of baseless scares, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

Study: New crop failure strategies needed

Leeds, England -- Large-scale crop failures like that which caused the recent Russian wheat crisis are likely to become more common with climate change, a British study shows.

However, researchers at the University of Leeds say improved farming and the development of new crops could lessen the worst impacts of these events on world agriculture, a university release said.

A summer of drought and wildfires dramatically hit harvests across Russia this year, leading the government to institute a ban on wheat exports. But the authors of the new study argue that adaptation to climate change is possible through a combination of new crops that are more tolerant to heat and water stress, and by changes in farming practices and investment.

Google closes down Google Wave

Google Inc. on Wednesday announced via a statement that it is shutting down its innovative online software application Google Wave due to its failure to generate interest among users.

3 more U.S. banks fail, count 84 in 2009

Los Angeles, CA, August 30: The number of bank failures that the United States alone has witnessed in the first eight months of the calendar year 2009 has risen to 84. And counting.