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Apple, Google and 6 other tech giants want reform in surveillance policies

Eight tech giants have joined hands Monday to reform the US Government’s surveillance practices. To start the public campaign, the web firms- Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo and LinkedIn- have set-up an alliance called Reform Government Surveillance group.

Facebook, Twitter passwords stolen: Here are tips to protect your account

In the latest spate of online data breaches, more than 2 million Facebook, Google, Twitter and other web services have been stolen and circulated online. This massive online data theft has prompted both the social media companies and security experts to take actions.

Facebook Vs.Twitter: Rivals Eying Bangalore startups for acquisition

Social networking giant Facebook is reportedly in early stage discussions to acquire an Indian app monitoring solutions startup. As per the sources, Facebook is ready to make a splash in the country with the acquisition of Bengaluru-based Little Eye Software Labs Pvt Ltd.

‘Unfollow’: A new way to filter your Facebook newsfeed

The social networking giant Facebook is adding a new feature to its service that is a relatively great way to filter your news feed and keep selected people and their posts out of your feed without them knowing about it.

Facebook Sues Spammer For Fake Sex Tapes Of Bieber And Selena

Facebook has taken legal action against the alleged spammer for posting fake sex links that featured the popular singers, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The Court papers that were filed indicate that Christopher Peter Tarquini was the brain behind the fake messages on the facebook. The facebook users when they clicked on the link were redirected to those websites that offered enormous payments to Mr.Tarquini for his “deed”.

Facebook gears up to grab Snapchat!

Facebook is sure going places, folks! Is there a hint of desperation in Facebook’s latest action? To get you acquainted further let us inform you of the latest whopping bid made by Facebook. Facebook made a whopping cash bid for Snapchat .

Facebook bids iconic much loved ‘Thumbs up’ goodbye

Once again Facebook revamps one of its age-old features, this time it’s the “Thumbs up” logo! Our eyes commonly search for the blue white thumbs up “like logo” whenever we want to appreciate something on Facebook, but now it’s time to wish this iconic much loved “Thumbs up” sign a good bye and watch out for the new redesigned logo!

Blackberry stalls ‘sell-out’, stock plunges, CEO out

Blackberry doldrums , folks? Well, Blackberry Ltd has decided to shove away the plans of selling out and has announced that the present CEO of the company will be stepping down to pave the way for another. This has led to a 16% fall in share price. Is the Smartphone maker struggling to keep afloat?

No more ‘link’ clicks to check videos! Twitter changes its ‘Feed’ tune

Twitter ready to rival Facebook, is that so? Twitter has also decided to get revolutionary and will be showcasing videos and photos along with its 140 character messages. Is this the latest Twitter offering as the company is all ready for “stock selling” to the public?

Syrian Hackers Claim Twitter And Facebook Accounts Of Obama

Syrian Electronic Army, the hacker group of Syria that supports the Assad regime has undertaken responsibility for hacking the link of Obama’s campaign on Monday. The group said that it redirected the shortened service links of Twitter and Facebook accounts of the President to one among the propaganda videos of the group.