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High Risk Investing - The New Trend in Energy: Interview with Andrew McCarthy

High Risk Investing - The New Trend in Energy

Risk perception isn't what it used to be. Ask the swelling ranks of Canadian junior oil and gas companies braving high-risk venues like Sudan, Iraq and even Yemen.

ExxonMobil expanding Houston campus for 10,000 additional workers

One of the largest oil companies of United States, ExxonMobil is expanding its Houston campus which will be enough to accommodate 10,000 workers in 2014.

The World's Most-Watched Oil and Gas Company

 With exploding wells, shifting regulations, and uncertainty for investors, some players in the oil, gas, and consumable fuels field are teetering on the verge of collapse, while others are poised to profit. It's among the most-watched industries among those who have created a watchlist with the Fool, and today we're able to single out the one energy player that is garnering the most attention.


The Best Stocks for 2011: Valero Energy


This article is part of our "Best Stocks for 2011" series where our Foolish writers pick their top stocks ideas for the year ahead. Click here to see a review of last year's picks and our 12 recommendations for the year ahead.

The Optimist's Guide to 2011

Things tend to get better over time. That's just the way it works. Life expectancy, real income, technology, medicine, transportation, communication ... these things tend to rise relentlessly higher for the majority of the world over time, pushing aside wars, famines, recessions, and natural disasters that get in their way.

1 of the Riskiest Investments You Can Make

Go ahead. Call me crazy. It's music to my ears. See, my best investments tend to happen when people call me foolish (with a lower-case "f"). Conversely, my worst investments are usually made when people tell me how great the trade is sure to be.

2011's Top Dividend Aristocrats

Yes, dividend investing is popular. And it may become even more popular, now that Congress has extended legislation that maintains the low tax rate on corporate payouts for next year. You can find many great dividend stalwarts among the companies that have successfully paid out cash for decades.

General Electric Wants to Be a Millionaire

The Lessons From This Week's $90 Oil Price

 There used to be a TV program called This Was the Week That Was, which looked for humor in the more off-the-wall events that had occurred during the past few days. As this week ends, it might be possible to put together such a show on the ups and downs of crude prices.


3 Stocks That Just Make Sense

 "I like to go for cinches. I like to shoot fish in a barrel. But I like to do it after the water has run out."

-- Warren Buffett

History seems to show that good investing doesn't necessarily mean picking out complex situations and basing your investment thesis on Nobel-level math. In fact, as the recent financial crisis has shown us -- not to mention Long Term Capital Management and many other examples -- too much complexity can often end in calamity.