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Radar guns might spot suicide bombers

Santa Cruz, Calif. -- Radar guns used by police to spot speeding motorists could help identify suicide bombers by detecting the wiring in an explosive vest, U.S. researchers say.

A police radar gun fires pulses at a car and measures the shift of the reflected signal to calculate its velocity, but the strength and polarization of the reflected signal -- the "radar cross section" -- can provide additional information about the size and shape of the reflecting object and the material from which it is made, reported.

Two researchers in California decided to see if the wiring in a suicide vest would alter the radar cross section of a bomber enough to allow a radar gun to pick him or her out in a crowd.

'Explosive' double-star systems seen

Cambridge, Mass. -- U.S. astronomers say they've discovered a number of previously unobserved double-star systems, some of them heading toward a spectacularly explosive fate.

The newly identified binary star systems all consist of two white dwarf stars that are on a collision course with each other, reported Wednesday.

A white dwarf is the hot, incredibly dense dead core that remains after a sun-like star blows off its outer layers as it dies.

"These are weird systems -- objects the size of the Earth orbiting each other at a distance less than the radius of the sun," says astronomer Warren Brown of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass.

Police: Cinematographer had explosives

Litchfield, Conn. -- Investigators looking into a sexual-assault complaint found explosives in the home of cinematographer Adam J. Kimmel, Connecticut State Police said.

Police said they found a gun, explosives and fireworks in Kimmel's Salisbury home, The Hartford Courant reported Friday. Kimmel's movie credits include "Capote" and "The Ref."

He had been arraigned this week on one count of fourth-degree sexual assault and a charge of risk of injury to a minor. Police arrested him Thursday and charged him with criminal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of explosives and illegal possession of fireworks.

Kimmel, 49, was arraigned Friday on the weapons and explosives charges and was released after posting $5,000 bail, the newspaper said.