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New Technology Could End The Debate Over Pipeline Safety

Who could have ever imagined that North America would surpass Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas liquids? A decade ago, that would have seemed laughable.

The Bigger Oil Story Behind the Headlines: Interview with Michael Levi

While we fixate on sexy headlines about Chinese military threats in the South China Sea, for instance, or Washington 'lifting the ban' on crude oil exports, we miss the bigger stories—and we miss the reality. China's relentless resource quest has the greatest impact on trading prices, which may not make for headline news, but is a very important reality, while the stories about the US lifting the crude oil ban were just wrong.

Putin is Losing Eastern European Energy Gamble

Putin is Losing Eastern European Energy Gamble

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he doesn't think the European community can do without the natural gas it gets from energy monopoly Gazprom. With a Russian economy starting to decline, however, it may be Gazprom that's too strongly interconnected to the European market to break free.

The Big Winners in Kenya’s Oil Debut

Kenya will start pumping its first commercial oil next year and begin exporting in 2016, but this is just the opening salvo: new discoveries in recent months and fast-track new well development make Kenya the darling of East Africa from an investor’s perspective.

New EPA Rule Requires Chemical Disclosure for Offshore Fracking

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published a rule on January 9, 2014 requiring oil and gas companies using hydraulic fracturing off the coast of California to disclose the chemicals they discharge into the ocean. Oil and gas companies have been fracking offshore California for perhaps as long as two decades, but they largely flew under the radar until recently.

Energy Companies Pull a Blackwater

Norwegian energy company Statoil said last week it was forming a special operations division to handle emergency operations in response to a terrorist attack on a natural gas facility in Algeria.

New technological boom! Electricity can be generated from waste water.

Brilliant Engineers from the Oregon State University have finally burst through in the microbial fuel cells performance that can lead to the generation of electricity using waste water directly. This can lead to a boom in the production of electricity in future as the waste treatment plants can actively help in selling electricity besides producing electricity for the waste plant.

Colossal solar twisters raise the sun’s temperature to exhorbitant degrees

Enormous and gigantic 'solar twisters' that are nearly 1000 miles broad have been found to take the sun's atmosphere to very high temperatures, as high as millions of degrees centigrade. These magnetic tornadoes swirling around are found to heat the immediate layer above the sun to extremely high levels, channeling extreme temperatures from the sun on to the layer above it making it scorching hot. The heat is so high that it can lend enough power to make “clean” reactors on earth. The tornadoes that are seen on the Earth are thousands of times smaller, of lesser intensity than the solar tornadoes.

Shell to go ahead with floating LNG project

It will surely be extremely large, approximately the size of four football fields put together. That’s what Royal Dutch Shell intends to build, as it bets big time on liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Asia.

25 Historic Technology Predictions

It's the end of the year and you won't be able to escape a wave of technology predictions for next year. Most of them seem to fairly reasonable, but they aren't quite as aggressive and entertaining anymore as they were in the past. Here are our 25 favorite technology predictions that were not exactly true.