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Tesla delivers their first electric Model S sedan

Tesla Motors Inc. survived a cash crunch in 2008 and today it has delivered its first electric car designed and built solely in-house. The model is aimed at wealthy drivers who are passionate about electric cars and own a number of additional vehicles. At present they have 10,000 orders to fulfill.

Ford to roll out C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid next year

General Motors' Chevrolet Volt’s competitor will soon be soon zooming on the U.S. roads. The van-like compact car named C-Max Energi is currently being developed by Ford Motor Company.

Tesla to sell 5.3mn shares to public

Tesla Motors has divulged its plans to sell 5.3 million shares and used the proceeds to expedite the development of the next-generation electric SUV vehicle, the Model X.

Ford Focus Electric to hit market this year

Ford unveiled the first electric car from its stable, Ford Focus Electric, during the Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas Friday. The car will be a five door hatchback like other models of Focus but will be completely gasoline free and with zero CO2 emissions.

Don't Buy This Buffett Pick

Odds are that if you heard about a Warren Buffett pick trading near its 52-week low that had "amazed" Bill Gates, you'd be pretty interested in picking up shares for yourself. You might even rush out to do so once you got wind of the rumor that Buffett was looking to increase the size of his investment in the company. Tack onto that the fact that it's a fast-growing company in China, and this could be a stock you'd hold and profit from for the next decade or more.

Maybe I Was Wrong About Tesla

 I don't like to do it, but I am willing to admit when my investment thesis about a company is wrong. Lately, the thesis I've been reconsidering is that of Tesla Motors(Nasdaq: TSLA). More than a month ago, I said delays, competition, and an absurd valuation could derail Tesla's stock over the next few years. But later when I wrote about disruptive technologies, Tesla was on the top of my list. And just last week I thought Elon Musk had the vision I like to see in a CEO (although plenty of people thought Musk leaves something to be desired). So maybe I was wrong.


Ford's Electric-Car Gamble

 Ford (NYSE: F) released some details about the launch of its upcoming Focus Electric the other day, and for better or worse, the Blue Oval is taking a somewhat tentative approach to joining the electric-car maybe-revolution.


Electric car finishing 16,000-mile drive

London -- A team of British engineers says it is near the end of a 16,000-mile mission to drive the length of the Pan-American Highway in an electric car.

The team from Imperial College London departed Prudhoe Bay in Alaska in July and, after driving across 14 countries, is due to reach Ushuaia in Argentina Tuesday, reported.

The team of graduate engineers built the car, called SRZero, last year. Powered by a pack of lithium iron phosphate batteries, it has a range of almost 250 miles per charge.

In an e-mail from Rio Gallegos in Argentina, 340 miles from Ushuaia, team member Andy Hadland told New Scientist the car has stood up well to the journey.

Tesla, Toyota to make electric RAV4 SUVs

San Jose, Calif. -- Electric car producer Telsa Motor Corp. said it would team up with Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp. to produce an electric version of Toyota's RAV4 SUV.

Telsa said it a statement that a prototype vehicle had already been built and that its goal now was "to produce increasingly affordable electric cars for mainstream buyers -- relentlessly driving down the cost of EVs," meaning electric vehicles, The Detroit News reported Friday.

Tesla, in its stock market debut earlier this year, set aside $50 million in shares for Toyota to purchase. Tesla has also purchased a former Toyota factory in Fremont, Calif., where it produced cars in partnership with General Motors.

Oman to make Mideast's 1st electric car

Muscat, Oman -- The Middle East, sitting atop the world's greatest oil reserves, is going to start making its first electric-powered car, a company executive in Oman says.

The Times of Oman reported Saturday Sultan bin Hamad al-Amri, chief executive office of Noor Majan, recently told an Arabic daily in Oman the car will be designed to go from zero to 60 mph in about 4 seconds, roll for 2,250 miles on a single electrical charge and go for 21 years without any maintenance. The price tag will be between $70,000 and $91,000, he said.

"The parts of the car, including the 800-horsepower engine, are manufactured in Japan, America, Germany and Hong Kong," he said.

He says the car will have a solar-powered air conditioner and be fitted with massage chairs.