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U.S. Economy Adds 162,000 Jobs in July

It’s been five long years since the recession of 2008 brought many economies of the world down to their knees. The return journey to stability and prosperity has been slow, painful and full of stumbling blocks.

Russian Prime Minister invites Facebook CEO

Facebook CEO will meet Russina Prime Minister to discuus new ventures.

Sharp Drop in U.S. Consumer credit in July

U.S. economical data shows that borrowing of money by consumers has seen an unexpected fall in July resulting in a decline in credit card debt. The decrease in borrowing was evident for the first time this year with a straight decline in usage of credit card.

Is the dwindling retail business of US looking up again?

Is the American “money spending ability” bouncing back? Data put forth by the Commerce Department showed a profitable upswing in retail sales this July!!

US unemployment rate falls to 9.1% in July

A report by the Labor Department shows that jobless rate has fallen slightly in July and the more than expected jobs were added during this period.

IMF agrees on $3bn loan for Egypt

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will give a loan of $3 billion to Egypt to enable the country come out of the financial quagmire that it finds itself in.

Japan trudges towards recovery as industrial output rises

The Japanese economy, which was in a shambles after an unprecedented quake-tsunami in March and subsequent nuclear crisis hit it, is slowly but surely limping back to recovery.

Japanese economy shrinks post earthquake and nuclear crisis

The Japanese economy has plunged into a recession following the worst ever earthquake which was followed by a tsunami and a nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, data for the first quarter of this year reveals.

Japan quake disaster may hit global business

While the devastation caused by the earthquake in Japan is still being assessed, economists have already expressed fears that the disaster in Japan could affect the businesses throughout the world with the most impact on the automobile, machine tools and electronics sector.

Manufacturers stop production at plants in Japan

Some major manufacturers in Japan have temporarily shut down plants amid acute power shortage following the devastating earthquake that shook the country last Friday.