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Cash collections on! eBay commercializes user data for marketers

Hey Folks! Did you know that eBay is busy commercializing, as it offers your data details to the marketers? eBay now carries data to the doorstep of the advertisers in the same way as Facebook, Amazon and Google.

Self driving car for prompt deliveries – Google’s foresight

In recent past, transportation via ship used to mean days and days of waiting. There was a frustrating delay in the speed of deliveries, but it’s time for a change:

eBay redesign draws on cues from Pinterest

In keeping with the new digital age, San Jose, Calif. based eBay Inc. has pulled its old chunky website and unveiled a major redesign complete with a new simpler logo.

EBay's Donahoe buys GSIC

eBAY acquires GSIC

EBAY CEO, John Donahoe, has become the owner of the biggest e-commerce marketplace with his acquisition of GCIS.

The Best 11 Predictions for 2011

 The end of the year is approaching, which means that everyone is busy making guesses about what next year will bring. Rather than crank up the pandemonium further with new predictions of my own, I thought I'd cull some of my favorite predictions from around the investment world (and beyond).


Is Costco Courting Disaster?

This article is part of our Rising Stars Portfolios series. Costco's (Nasdaq: COST) claim to fame is its ability to offer extremely high-end merchandise for low, low prices. Unfortunately for Costco and other discount-oriented retailers, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling left intact a law that could dry up those bargains. The ruling upholds manufacturers' ability to use copyright law to block discounters from reselling deeply discounted merchandise obtained from "gray market" secondary sources.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do If You're Google

 In the end, it was Groupon's fear -- and not its greed -- that apparently derailed a roughly $6 billion buyout from Google(Nasdaq: GOOG)Business Insider's Nicholas Carlson is reporting that Groupon was demanding a chunky termination fee to protect itself from deal-stomping antitrust regulators. Once Google balked at the lofty insurance sum, the two companies went their separate ways.


A Fool Looks Back

 Is the world ready for Microsoft TV? Reports this week claim that Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) is working on a digital television initiative, perhaps culminating in the dream option of cherry-picking cable channels that are delivered digitally.


The One Thing You Need to Know About eBay

 I know it sounds ludicrous, but investors often overlook the people in charge of protecting their investments. The idea of gauging a company's leadership plays second-fiddle other categories of analysis. However, at we believe careful study of effective leadership is one of the most important areas of evaluating long-term winning investments.

4 Picks From the Market's Hottest Sector

 Ah, Black Friday. Millions of Americans awake before sunup, shrug off the tryptophan hangover, and patriotically dash into the arms, err, aisles, of eager retailers. But while the masses are frantically exercising their right to consume, investors with a penchant for the discretionary sector would do better to first pause and consider.