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USPS faces tortuous road ahead

If the organization is the second-largest civilian employer, employing 571,566 full-time workers, in the United States, next only to retail behemoth Wal-Mart Stores, one has a reason to believe that it is huge.

Facebook likely to launch its own Webmail service

Speculations are rife that Facebook might launch its own webmail service, giving stiff competition to emailing giants like Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

FTC gives clean chit to Google on privacy breach

Google says street cars collected data uknowingly

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has closed its inquiry into the allegations that Google has collected data from private unsecured Wi-Fi networks through its Street View cars.

Principal's bad grammar angers parents

New York -- The New York principal who sent teachers an ungrammatical e-mail should be dismissed, some parents say.

Andrew Buck, who has headed the Middle School of Art and Philosophy in Brooklyn since it opened in 2007, sent the e-mail last week to explain why he believes the school does not need more textbooks, the New York Daily News reported. The e-mail ended up being circulated to parents as well.

"Our principal denies us books and then he sends this nonsense," Paulette Brown, a nurse assistant and mother of an 8th grader, told the newspaper. "You can't understand what he's saying in the letter. He has to go."

Tribune Co. exec in hot water over e-mail

Chicago -- A top Tribune Co. executive has been suspended because of a company-wide e-mail memo with an offensive link, company officials said.

Tribune Co. chief innovation officer Lee Abrams has been placed on indefinite suspension without pay, the Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday.

Abrams apologized Tuesday to those offended by the e-mail. The Tribune said the message included a link to a video called "Sluts" that included female nudity. The e-mail drew a number of employee complaints, the newspaper said.

Rumor debunked: Mars will not be moon size tonight

Aug. 27 is here, so is the Mars hoax. Doing the rounds of internet since 2003, the rumors are swirling that planet Mars will be the “brightest in the night sky” Friday and will appear “as large as full moon.”

E-mail no substitute for complaint letter

London -- People have gotten so used to writing e-mails they have lost the art of writing complaint letters to businesses, a British author says.

Martin Staniforth has written a number of letters to corporations and organizations, and said letters always produce better results than e-mails, The Daily Telegraph reported.

"Part of the problem with an e-mail is it is all too easy to fire off an angry rant," Staniforth told the newspaper. The author is due to speak on the issue at the Ways With Words literary festival in south Devon, England, Tuesday.

E-mails "might make you feel good, but it is no way of getting an organization to respond," he said.

Steve Jobs’ e-mail exchange with irate customer is fake-- Apple

Apple Inc. has claimed that an email exchange between Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs and an irate purchaser over the antenna issue of the newest version of the iPhone is a phony.

Study: E-mail undermines teamwork

Champaign, Ill. -- Communicating electronically gets the job done, but often undermines trust in the workplace, a University of Illinois study has found.

"Technology has made us more efficient, but much less effective," said Gregory Northcraft, an expert on workplace collaboration, the University of Illinois news bureau reported Wednesday.

By relying on e-mails and video conferencing, "Something is being gained, but something is being lost," he said.

When trust is lost, teamwork goes out the window, he said.

"If I'm not confident other people will do their share of the work, I'm less likely to do my share because I don't want to be taken advantage of," he said. "If everyone takes that attitude, nothing gets done."

AT&T notifies Apple iPad 3G customers about security breach

AT&T Inc. finally on Sunday contacted its Apple iPad 3G customers (reportedly, over 114,000 users whose email addresses got exposed online) via an e-mailed message and notified them about the security breach in its network.