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Harvard geniuses shove 700 terabytes of data in one single gram of DNA

A geneticist and a bioengineer at Harvards slogged together to store nearly 700 terabytes or 5.5 petabits of data in one single gram of DNA. Their combined effort has smashed the density record of DNA data that has been previously recorded, by shoving a whopping 700 terabytes in one gram, by nearly a thousand times.

Merging an ancient 500-Million-Year-Old DNA into Modern E-coli Bacteria! Molecular rewinding of life?

Is evolution being re-staged by the scientists? We hold on to the sides of our chairs as the scientists burn their midnight oil trying to recreate a dinosaur in their laboratories.They have been successful with bacteria and ancient plants and now have finally managed to merge a bacteria with a 500 year old gene !

A geographic scattering of Native Americans in three waves- Study

North and South America was barren of people until, some Siberian “daring” individuals crossed over a bridge to step into America. The DNA collected from a large number of Native American groups spread across Canada to the pinnacle of South America was put through a meticulous and extensive relocation study by researchers from Harvard. They analyzed that 15,000 years ago, “First Americans“ inhabitants traversed in from Siberia after climbing past a land bridge during the Last Ice age. They did not land in America all at once. When the people turned up in America they came in 3 groups one by one.

Diligent studies await Bigfoot and Yeti DNA

A summon had been send out for supposed Big Foot material so university scientists can do genetic testing.

A new science: DNA as rewritable storage cell

DNA as storage cells

DNA now enables to record, store and erase data within living cells. Its a greatest invention in bio-technology.

DNA, we know as Deoxyribonucleic Acid is the blueprint for life.

Osama bin Laden shot dead by US forces in firefight

Osama bin Laden, the slippery chief of the dreaded terrorist outfit Al-Qaeda, was shot dead by a CIA-led team at a compound inside Pakistan Sunday night, bringing to a close the world's highest-profile manhunt of the decade.

Global data equivalent to US covered in 13 layers of books

Can you guess the amount of information stored in the world? Scientists have measured the data available and found it to be 295 exabytes by 2007. An exabyte is equal to ten to the power of 18 bytes. Scientists say that information is equivalent to 1.2 billion hard drives.

Smoking damages genes in minutes--study

Health hazards of smoking are known to all, but did you know that damage starts much earlier than thought?

DNA identifies rare Australian bird

Adelaide, Australia -- Australian researchers using DNA says they have identified a new but critically endangered species of parrot in Western Australia.

DNA experts from the University of Adelaide using museum specimens up to 160 years old say populations of ground parrots in eastern and western Australia are highly distinct from each other and that the western populations should be recognized as a new species, Pezoporus flaviventris, reported.

"The discovery has major conservation implications," said research leader Stephen Murphy of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Single drop of blood could reveal age

Rotterdam, Netherlands -- Dutch researchers say they've developed a way to tell a person's approximate age from one drop of blood, a test that could be used in crime investigation.

Scientists at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam say as a forensic technique it could be used to revive police investigations that have hit a dead end, AAAS reported Monday.

The blood-age test relies on a peculiarity of T cells, immune cells in the body that recognize and fight microbial infections.

As T cells develop, they modify their DNA to recognize a wide variety of bacteria and other pathogens.

In the modification, some DNA is left over that is useless to the T cell, which discards it, researchers say.