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Diesel cars for India by 2013-2014: Honda

Diesel engine to be fitted to Honda Sedan for Indian Markets

Diesel engines to be fitted to Honda Sedan for Indian Markets

Indian government reins fiscal deficit, diesel up Rs 5 per litre

The Government has discovered a new way to rein the fiscal deficit- it has raised the price of diesel by Rs five.

Mass. company making fuel from bacteria

At a time when scientists are looking for alternatives to non-renewable sources like diesel and petrol, a biotechnology company in Massachusetts is claiming that they have discovered a fuel source.

EU leads world in 'clean' diesel fuel use

Houston -- The European Union leads the world in reducing sulfur in on-road diesel fuel as industry and policymakers push for ongoing reductions, a report says.

The International Fuel Quality Center has updated its ranking of the top 100 countries based on sulfur limits and says Sweden and Germany remain first and second, a release by Hart Energy Publishing says.
Japan is third, the report says.

The IFCQ ranked the United States 41st, behind Canada at 40th.

The European Union has limited sulfur in diesel fuel to 10 parts per million since January 2009.

Racy ad photos taken at museum

New York -- New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the Diesel clothing models who raised controversy with a library shoot also posed in a nearby museum.

A spokesman for the MTA said the male and female models, who raised controversy with a racy March 27 photo shoot at the Brooklyn Law School Library, posed the same day for underwear ads at the New York Transit Museum, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

"This photo shoot was closed to the public, and it provided revenue needed to help keep the museum operating," MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan said.

The library photo shoot raised the ire of faculty and students at the law school.