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dead lets you video-chat with dead people!

It is not a site that can make somebody immortal, but it is certainly a site which creates virtual avatars of the dead so that their kith and kin can interact with them even after they are no more.

BP oil trickle and chilly waters, may have a say in dolphin deaths?

The smash up of the food web and the chilling waters of the Gulf of Mexico may have led to the untimely deaths of hundreds of dolphins swimming lazily in the region says a report published in Journal PLoS One.

Over 500 dead penguins wash up on Brazilian beaches

Over the past week 512 penguins swept from the icy shores of Antarctica washed up dead on the tropical Brazilian beaches in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, marine biologists and veterinarians said Friday.

LulzSec hacks PBS; posts fake 'Tupac still alive' story

Online hackers have pirated the US Public Broadcasting Service and created pages along with a fake story claiming that famed dead rapper Tupac Shakur is alive and well and living in New Zealand.

Who should get $50mn Bin Laden bounty? Some say 9/11 victims

Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, questions are being raised about what to do with the hefty bounty offered for the capture or killing of the al-Qaida leader.

'TV On The Radio' band member Gerard Smith dies at 34

American art rock band TV On The Radio lost its bassist and keyboard player Gerard Smith to lung cancer on Wednesday, April 20.

3 Winners to Watch and 1 to Buy Now

 What companies are tomorrow's big winners? In our ongoing series, I'm chatting with Fool analysts and advisors to discover the stocks they're watching and the catalysts that would signal it's time to buy.


Marquette's Hank Raymonds dies

Milwaukee -- Henry "Hank" Raymonds, the fourth-winningest coach in Marquette University basketball history, died Monday at 86, the school said. He had cancer.

He racked up 126 wins as men's basketball coach at the school, and before that was Al McGuire's top assistant on the Golden Eagles' NCAA championship run in 1977.

Beloved for his loyalty to his former players, Raymonds was a familiar face for nearly a half-century on the school's downtown Milwaukee campus, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Doctor recalls effort to save Lennon

New York -- The New York doctor who tried to save the life of John Lennon 30 years ago says the singer had no pulse and wasn't breathing when he arrived at a hospital.

The former Beatle was shot and killed by Mark Chapman 30 years ago this week, and the emergency room doctor who worked to save his life recalls the incident as though it happened yesterday, the New York Daily News reported.

Dr. Stephan Lynn had just arrived home following a 13-hour shift at Roosevelt Hospital's emergency room when he received a call to return to the hospital about 11 p.m. on Dec. 8, 1980.

Italian director, 95, leaps to death

Rome -- Italian film director Mario Monicelli has died after leaping from a fifth-story window of the Rome hospital where he was being treated for a terminal illness.

He was 95 when he died Monday night.

ANSA, which reported his death Tuesday, did not say from what illness he suffered at the time.

Known as the father of the Commedia all'Italiana or Italian-style comedy, Monicelli directed 65 films during a career that lasted more than 70 years. His film credits include "The Paul Street Boys," "Summer Rain," "Big Deal on Madonna Street," "The Great War" and "Desert Roses."

"He was someone who wanted to control his own life to the very end. His death was an act of lucidity," director Carlo Lizzani told ANSA.