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NSA surreptitiously taps into Google’s, Yahoo’s data

The National Security Agency (NSA) has reportedly tapped the communication links that connect Google’s and Yahoo’s overseas servers. By doing so, the NSA has managed to copy vast amounts of emails and maybe even sensitive information from the data centers of these two giants.

Scrutinize your Gmail account value with Cloudsweeper app

Planning to find out the value of your Gmail account? We have the right answer for you here! Gmail account users can now have an insight into how important the information on their accounts, is, for the hacker community and the law enforcement officers. New apps have been developed by researchers from two universities, to cater to this.

Immensely useful tips to know your iPhone 5 better

Lets tell you about a few tricks and ways to use the iPhone 5 that is splashed with countless supportive features for the user. Most of its millions of users are unaware of the myriad features that are incorporated in the latest version of this iconic phone.

Harvard geniuses shove 700 terabytes of data in one single gram of DNA

A geneticist and a bioengineer at Harvards slogged together to store nearly 700 terabytes or 5.5 petabits of data in one single gram of DNA. Their combined effort has smashed the density record of DNA data that has been previously recorded, by shoving a whopping 700 terabytes in one gram, by nearly a thousand times.

Is the dwindling retail business of US looking up again?

Is the American “money spending ability” bouncing back? Data put forth by the Commerce Department showed a profitable upswing in retail sales this July!!

Japanese economy shrinks post earthquake and nuclear crisis

The Japanese economy has plunged into a recession following the worst ever earthquake which was followed by a tsunami and a nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, data for the first quarter of this year reveals.

Google’s Gmail Fiasco: Backing Up Data

The Sunday episode, in which tens of thousands of Gmail users lost their e-mails and other data, will soon be forgotten, and Google is hopeful of restoring all the accounts soon.

Google hopes to restore all accounts 'soon'

Some of the thousands of Gmail users, who found their accounts reset and all their e-mails, chat records, and other data gone on Sunday, are still wondering if they will get their data back. Though Google says all the data will be restored, the company is not coming out with a fixed time frame.

Global data equivalent to US covered in 13 layers of books

Can you guess the amount of information stored in the world? Scientists have measured the data available and found it to be 295 exabytes by 2007. An exabyte is equal to ten to the power of 18 bytes. Scientists say that information is equivalent to 1.2 billion hard drives.

US labour market data for January disappointing

It seems that the United States is still struggling to recover from the economic slowdown. Jobs data for the month of January released this month has come out with disappointing figures. Only 36000 people got a job last month, which experts say is far less than what had been expected.