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Internet creeps slowly! Spamhaus punched in face by Cyberbunker “attack”?

Did the internet get punched in the face by the cyber attack on Spamhaus? Spamhaus hasn’t seen a stress free day since Cyberbunker a Dutch Hosting Organization, has been added to its family of blacklisted services.

Microsoft - the latest tech titan to fall victim to hacking

Another big-ticket hacking attack has rocked the technological world again. This time it’s Microsoft, which has borne the brunt of the hackers' click.

Eastern Europe emerges as a key suspect for cyber crimes

China has been the main suspect for recent cyber attacks on U.S. corporates, government networks, and other organizations. But according to latest Bloomberg reports, Eastern Europe may be the real culprit behind most of the cyber attacks.

Emergency Alert System vulnerable to cyber attacks

A broadcast that zombies were "rising from their graves" and "attacking the living" by Hackers left everyone astonished. Hackers lately broke into several television stations’ Emergency Alert Systems, which according to IOActive, a security consultancy firm, is quite dangerous. They raised the alarm saying that next time they might do something big enough to leave people spell bound.

Chinese hackers wage cyberwar against New York Times

The New York Times is said to have come under heavy attack from Chinese hackers, apparantly retaliating against probe by the eminent newspaper against the premier of the country.

PCs running Java enabled web browsers vulnerable to hacking

Java is among the most widely used programs across the globe

If you have been running Java in your web browser, it is high time that you disable Java or you'll be exposed to a host of security vulnerabilities.

And now, Apple site hacked!

While LulzSec has apparently called it a day and quit last week, the hacking operations by the rapidly evolving AntiSec hackers continue.

IMF hacked, loss of vital data feared

The New York Times reported yesterday that the computer system of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has become the victim of a hacking attack.

Now 'digital ants' to protect computers from malware

As cyber attack is increasing at an alarming rate, programmers have been working to discover antivirus tools to protect computers. In yet another effort to solve this virus problem, a team at Wake Forest University in North Carolina has come up with a new type of network security software which mimics the habits of real-world ants.

Sony CEO apologizes to gamers for data theft

Sony's Chairman and CEO Howard Stringer has apologized publicly for the massive data breach of the company’s online game networks - PlayStation Network and Qriocity.