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Credit Card Debt

7 Ways to Shun Credit Card Debt

For a shopping freak, credit cards might be the invention of the millennium, but this instrument needs to be handled wisely so-as-to reap its benefits for a long time to come.

Climbing Out of Debt in 2013

Credit card bills will soon arrive and show how much households spent during the holidays. Chances are good that many consumers added a few hundred dollars of debt to their credit card accounts which already averaged nearly $5,000 per cardholder.

How to Deal with post Christmas financial blues

Christmas may just be over, but it can take months for some people to get their finances straightened after the festive period. January is one of the worst months for debt.

Stressed out by debt? Tremendous tips for debt management

Tremendous tips for debt management

Has the ever-burgeoning debt stressed you out? Well, you are not alone; there might be thousands other like you across the globe. You got to deal with the situation somehow. To achieve this purpose following tips will help you out.

US consumer credit rose in May -- report

Led by a spurt in credit card use and student loans, consumer borrowing in the United States rose by $5.08 billion in May. Consumer credit had risen by $5.67 billion in April.

Courtney Love fails to pay credit card debt, sued

Los Angeles, May 28: Singer Courtney Love has landed herself in hot soup after failing to pay off her credit card bills. Love is facing a lawsuit from a credit card company, which claims the American rocker owes thousands of dollars on her Gold card.

Containing Credit Card Crisis

One of the major financial concerns for families across the country, even before the onset of the current economic crisis, has been an ever-increasing credit card debt pile.