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Consumer Reports

iPad 2 is number 1 tablet--Consumer Reports

A rating of tablets done by Consumer Reports has given the iPad 2 the top spot in the best tablets list.

Consumer Reports identifies 'dirty dozen': 12 risky supplements

Dietary supplements have always been acclaimed for the numerous benefits they confer. By just taking the pills and powders one may get a dream body, shed unwanted pounds and be empowered with the unending vigor to gain an edge in sports or in bed.

Consumer Reports does not endorse iPhone 4

It has been almost a month since the iPhone 4 was launched with much fanfare. Enormous hype was created before the arrival of the gadget. The newest version of the iPhone 4 was welcomed by loyalists who made long serpentine queues outside stores several hours before it was unveiled.

Join Forces to Improve Your Investing

If two heads are better than one, a dozen heads should be even better still -- particularly when it comes to investing.

Apple’s iPhone 4 suffers from antenna problem--Consumer Reports

The product review magazine, Consumer Reports, on Monday declared that it will not be recommending Apple’s new iPhone 4 as the new model suffers from reception and antenna issues.

Consumer Reports finds ‘safety risk’ in Lexus GX 460

Consumer Reports has warned consumers against the purchase of Lexus GX 460 SUV, as it found a ‘safety risk’ while testing the vehicle for its performance.