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Pros and Cons of Social networking sites

Are you on facebook? Add me, okay? My id is Super Brat.

Social media provides novel ways of communication

Constant change is the call in the world of communication. Twitter and Facebook, the two famous social networking giants face a timely challenge of scripting new communication modes and techniques to enamor their users. These methods of creative communication changes the way we work and live dramatically. There is constant brainstorming to develop newer methods of communication in the social networking arena.

GM Catches Something Viral

 General Motors(NYSE: GM) OnStar system won't ignore Facebook's growing popularity -- as long as you promise to keep your eyes on the road. OnStar is beta-testing audio Facebook integration for its subscribers, and I finally caved in and began kicking the tires yesterday.


Judge issues ruling in SeaWorld death

Orlando, Fla. -- A Florida judge has dismissed a negligence claim by a New Hampshire couple whose son witnessed a killer whale drown a trainer at SeaWorld.

Suzanne and Todd Connell say their young son Bobby has been bothered by nightmares since witnessing the Feb. 24 death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau, the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel reported.

The couple sued SeaWorld for negligence and damages from emotional trauma, but Friday Orange County Circuit Court Judge Julie O'Kane dismissed a count of negligent infliction of emotional distress.
She reserved judgment on a second count in the suit, intentional infliction of emotional distress.

SeaWorld's vice president of communications said the company is "gratified" with the ruling.

Teleworkers happier than those in office

Milwaukee -- Employees who telecommute avoid distracting and stressful aspects of the workplace and as a result have decreased work-life conflict, U.S. researchers say.

Kathryn Fonner of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Michael Roloff of Northwestern University say workers who telework at least three days a week benefit from the flexible work arrangement to accommodate family life -- while alienation from workplace communication, often cited as the biggest telecommuting disadvantage, was minimal, the study's participants said.

Teleworkers say they exchanged information with co-workers less frequently than those in the office, but both groups had similar timely
access to work-related information, the researchers found.

Facebook likely to launch its own Webmail service

Speculations are rife that Facebook might launch its own webmail service, giving stiff competition to emailing giants like Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

Hyper-texters, networkers more likely to indulge in sex, drugs

Short message service (SMS) is preferred by people of all age segments today to communicate, but this form of communication is especially unhealthy for teenagers who spend the most time texting or on social network sites, or both, suggests a new study.

When IT Revenue Screams Buy or Short

Understanding what lies beneath a company's reported revenue is a key to finding winning or losing stock ideas. Many investors screen on metrics like Net Income or related measurements such as EBIT, EBITDA, or Operating Cash Flow. Revenue, profitability, and cash flow growth equals opportunity, right? Not necessarily. Companies know that Wall Street is closely monitoring these factors, and do their level best to provide a "good story" for investors.

Rev. plans cellphone blessing

Halifax, Nova Scotia -- A Canadian Anglican reverend is asking parishioners to bring in their cellphones and other technological gadgets to receive a special blessing.

Rev. Lisa Vaughn of the Anglican parish of St. Timothy, near Halifax, Nova Scotia, said the gadget blessing is a means of attracting more people to church amid a nationwide decline in attendance, the Globe and Mail reported Thursday.

"It's not just about please don't let my cellphone drop calls today," Vaughn said of the blessing. "It's about, you know, help me to be the best Christian, the best person I can be in my conversations, in my communication."

Vaughn said her approach to leading the church can be summarized as: "Don't be boring."

Secrets to Sailing Through an Interview

We all face interviews at some point of our professional life, either to move up on the career ladder or compete against other individuals for ‘great opportunity’.