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Golden shower sprinkled on Earth by dead star collision ?

Ever wondered what that goldenish glow in space is? Researchers on Wednesday said that smacking collisions years ago, between dead stars may be forging all the gold we have on Earth.

Houston Ship Channel closed after barges collide with electric tower

Following a collision involving three barges with a tower that supports a high-voltage electric transmission line, the Houston Ship Channel has been closed to marine traffic until at least Tuesday night.

Selecting the Right Car Insurance

All car owners require car insurance to protect their vehicle from any inconvenience, but purchasing an an auto insurance policy can be confusing.

Hubble spots asteroid collision; experts see link to dinosaurs' extinction

New York, February 3 -- NASA’s Hubble Telescope has spotted the first head on collision between two asteroids last week. This is the first time that scientists have detected an interplanetary collision between two heavenly objects.

Bing Bang machine Large Hadron Collider revived

New York, November 21 -- After a year of repair work, scientists at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) have switched on the mighty Large Hadron Collider (LHC).