Money Matters - Simplified


Has Samsung dispatched truckloads of 5 cent coins to Apple?

It’s time for an epic gag!! A grin broke out on our faces as we heard that Samsung had smartly dispatched 30 trucks stuffed with 5 cent coins right to the Apple headquarters in California. Tim Cook got a call from the Samsung CEO to confirm that they were paying the $ 1 billion dollar fine that had been ruled against them.

Rare cache of ancient jewelry found in Israel

A Megiddo dig has unearthed a rare trove of buried Canaanite treasure, with jewels, coins, and other valuable items estimated to be about 3,100 years old, announced archaeologists on Monday.

Casino finds one-armed bandits profitable

Las Vegas -- A Las Vegas casino says keeping a few older slot machines, the one-armed bandits that take coins and make noise, has been profitable.

The Eastside Cannery replaced the Nevada Palace, the Los Angeles Times reported. The Palace, sited in an area that had become a strip of trailer parks, motels and pawnbrokers, was one of the last holdouts using older machines until it was torn down in 2008.

Jeannette White, 73, a Palace devotee, said she and her husband urged the Cannery to keep some of the old machines. The hotel did, and Marty Gross said when he became general manager last year he noticed a lot of people seemed to like the noise and excitement and not to mind getting their fingers blackened by handling grubby quarters.

British counterfeiter comes clean on coins

London -- A former British counterfeiter says it was relatively easy for him to produce mass quantities of phony 1-pound coins.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, Bill Cook, 62, who served four years for the crime and now lives on a barge on a London canal, said that for $132,000 he was able to purchase the hydraulic presses and equipment needed to mint the coins from blank metal discs, which only cost pennies apiece.

Man pays $510 debt with bags of coins

Vladivostok -- A $510 debt was paid by a man who brought 33 pounds of coins to the courthouse in the Russian Far East city of Vladivostok, officials said.

Bailiffs said the businessman from Partizansk, Russia, a town in the Primorye Territory, brought in 14 bags of coins to pay the debt owed to a Vladivostok man. He had initially refused to pay despite a court order, RIA Novosti reported.

After bailiffs threatened come to his office, the businessman brought in the cash in the form of mostly 1 and 2-ruble coins. The bags also contained a number of 5, 10 and 50-kopek coins.

The court accepted the money and said it would be counted, deposited in a bank and transferred to the complainant's account, the news agency reported.