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Chinese market

‘Call of Duty’ aimed at Chinese market by Activision

When consumers in the U.S line up to pay $60 for each year’s installment of Activision Blizzard Inc.’s biggest franchise, “Call of Duty”, people in China will get it for free.

Apple now accepts Yuan for App purchases

If you’re from China and love Apple, here’s some good news for you -- you can now pay for apps from Apple's App Store in Chinese yuan.

Is Intel Fumbling the Chinese Market?

Is Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) getting itself into trouble again with its old monopolistic ways?

The Wrong Way to Invest in China

According to Morningstar, the iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index
ETF (FXI) is not only one of the 25 most popular exchange-traded funds
on the market today, but also the most-traded China-focused ETF. In May
alone, the ETF had inflows of $1.2 billion on the
back of a strong Chinese market, following a substantial but
comparatively smaller inflow of $485 million in the first four months
of the year.