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New rep. wants to draw a veil on hat rule

Washington -- Federica Wilson, Florida's new congresswoman, may not wear all her hats at once as the "Caps for Sale" peddler, but may have trouble donning one in the House.

Wilson, a Florida state legislator known for her collection of fancy hats, says she's trying to ask Speaker-apparent John Boehner to waive a House rule that bars members from wearing hats while the chamber is in session, The Miami Herald reported Monday.

"It's sexist," Wilson said of the rule. "It dates back to when men wore hats and we know that men don't wear hats indoors, but women wear hats indoors. Hats are what I wear."

She said people "get excited" when they see her hats.

Calif. Assembly enforces female dress code

Sacranento -- Guards at the California Assembly say they are now enforcing dress-code policies requiring women to wear a coat or sweater while in the chamber.

Ronald Pane, Assembly sergeant-at-arms, said the policy stems from a longstanding rule for visitors, credentialed media and legislative aides to wear "appropriate business attire" while in the state legislative chamber in Sacramento, The Sacramento Bee reported Friday.