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Missing cat re-appears after 5 years

Biloxi, Miss. -- A cat missing for five years is back home in Mississippi, bearing battle scars and a wilder attitude but happy, the owner says,

"This is the power of microchipping," humane society Director Tara High said. "There is no other way that cat would have found its
family. This is a very dramatic story with a wonderful ending."

Scrub was an indoor cat living in Gulfport, Miss., with Jennifer and Chris Noble prior to Hurricane Katrina, but after the storm hit their living conditions changed considerably, The Sun Herald of Biloxi, Miss., reported.

Woman says she shot cat after attack

Lakeland, Fla. -- A Florida woman who killed her neighbor's cat says she opened fire to protect her pit bull, her sister and herself.

Polly Boykin of Lakeland faces charges of animal cruelty and firing a gun in public, The Lakeland Ledger reports. Judy Steele was ticketed for not having proof her cat had been vaccinated and allowing the animal to roam loose.

Police said that Skeeter, Steele's cat, strayed into Boykin's yard Tuesday morning. The pit bull, named Zeva, went after the cat and the two animals ended up in another yard under a house trailer.

Feline found after lengthy absence

Muskegon, Mich. -- A cat that went missing three years ago has been found apparently no worse for the wear, its owner said.

Terri Essex was in New Mexico when she received a call from her house sitter that her cat, Harrison, had escaped and couldn't be found, the Grand Haven (Mich.) Tribune reported.

Essex said she did everything she could to find Harrison after she returned home to Muskegon.

"We looked, we checked all the shelters, we ran ads in the paper," she said.

The Harbor Humane Society caught a cat in a trap in Spring Lake Township this week and brought it to the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department Animal Control, where it was checked for a microchip.

Kitchen fire caused by cat

Port Townsend, Wash. -- A Washington state woman said fire investigators determined a kitchen blaze was started when her cat switched on the toaster oven.

Lois Lund, who shares a Port Townsend home with her pregnant daughter, Sena, said she was awakened by a popping sound in the early hours Sunday and discovered a fire in her kitchen, the Peninsula Daily News, Port Angeles, Wash., reported Wednesday.

Fire investigator Kurt Steinbach said the fire, which Lund extinguished with a garden hose, was caused by a toaster oven apparently switched on by Osiris, the family's 10-year-old cat.

Lund said Osiris had been sleeping atop the toaster oven ever since he was spooked by a recent encounter with a canine intruder.

Cat crosses town to get home

Springfield, Ill. -- An Illinois man said a cat given to an elderly couple made a trek of at least 6 miles to return to his home.

James Grean said he and his wife, Nancy, already had four cats when Tom turned up at their home, so after he lived with them for about a year they took a suggestion from Dr. Dena Nelson, veterinarian at All Cat Clinic in Springfield, and gave him to an elderly couple Aug. 18, The Springfield (Ill.) State Journal-Register reported Wednesday.

Grean said he and his wife checked in with the new owners and they said Tom was doing fine, but he was shocked when he left for work Oct. 14 and was greeted by Tom in his driveway.

World's longest cat: 48 1/2 inches

Reno-- A Nevada woman said her 48 1/2-inch-long cat is being officially recognized as the longest domestic feline by Guinness World Records.

Robin Hendrickson of Reno said she received a certificate last week making it official that Stewie, her 5-year-old Maine Coon, is the world's largest domestic cat after he was last measured in August, the Reno (Nev.) Gazette-Journal reported Wednesday.

Hendrickson said she first submitted Stewie for the record in July 2008, when he measured 47 inches from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail, but he was beat out by a car named Leo.

The pet owner said she has some ideas for how to use Stewie's newfound celebrity for positive causes.

Woman charged for dropping cat in trash

Coventry -- British animal authorities said a woman who was videotaped throwing a cat into a trash bin was charged with two animal cruelty-related counts.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said Mary Bale, 45, of Coventry, England, was videotaped stroking Lola, a 4-year-old cat, before grabbing her by the scruff of her neck and dropping her in a trash bin, Sky News reported Monday.

The RSPCA said the cat spent about 15 hours in the trash bin but was not physically injured by the ordeal.

Bale was charged with causing unnecessary suffering to the cat and not providing her with a suitable environment.

Cat lost during move, found in box spring

Surrey, British Columbia -- A Canadian woman said her 14-year-old cat, which disappeared during a recent move, turned out to have spent five days hiding inside a box spring.

Anne Green said Augustus the ginger tom disappeared Aug. 5 while movers were packing up her family's old Edmonton, Alberta, home for a move to Surrey, British Columbia, The Vancouver Sun reported Thursday.

Green said her family searched their old neighborhood for days and the movers checked the contents of their truck, but there was no sign of the orange cat.

Green said she decided to search the truck herself when it arrived in Surrey eight days after it was packed.

Train-hopping cat reunited with owner

Dublin, Ireland -- Transportation officials in Dublin, Ireland, said they found the owner of a cat that hitched a 10-mile ride on a local train.

Officials with Iarnoid Eireann, Ireland's national railway system operator, said the cat was found at Dublin's Pearse Street train station and a review of security footage determined the feline had boarded a Dublin Area Rapid Transit train in Malahide, RTE News, Dublin, reported Tuesday.

The rail company issued an appeal on its Twitter feed for the cat's owner to come forward and the animal was soon reunited with owner Eric Bieci.

Bieci thanked railway workers for helping reunite him with his pet.

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N.M. cat back home after Chicago trek

Albuquerque -- An Albuquerque woman said her cat is back home after somehow making his way to Chicago during his eight months on the loose.

Robin Alex said her cat, Charles, disappeared in August and there was no sign of the feline until a Chicago Animal Care and Control employee found him last week in an alley, the Albuquerque Journal reported Monday.

She said the organization used the cat's microchip to obtain her contact information.
"I couldn't believe it," she said. "I thought there must be some mistake."

Alex said she sent out a plea online for help getting the cat home and made calls to various organizations until she got in contact with CARMA, a dog and cat rescue organization in Corrales, N.M.