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Intel launching set top box and video streaming service soon

Intel Corp. declared Tuesday that it is all set to venture into the market of set top boxes this year to revolutionize the consumer’s TV experience. The new product will be a set-top box designed to feature the Internet-delivered movies and shows on TV.

Intel's Thunderbolt hits market; peripheral devices unavailable

Apple may have introduced the world to the futuristic new data transfer technology, Intel’s Thunderbolt, it is still far from being a hit, as peripheral makers would have to design a compatible peripheral device that could match this new high-speed data transfer technology.

Don't Get Caught With These 3 Stocks in 2011

More often than not, investors focus on finding the world's next big stock -- and for good reason. Buying a stock before it's about to skyrocket can launch you from rags to riches. However, it's almost as important to steer clear of the debris on your way toward investing prowess. That's why we've identified three stocks you don't want to touch with a ten-foot pole.

Why I Cut the Cord on Cable TV

 I finally decided to hold my nose and take the plunge -- bye-bye cable TV and landline phone, hello modern communications. And I picked a heck of an interesting time to do it.


FCC: Cable broadband speeds overstated

Washington -- The Federal Communications Commission says U.S. Internet users who get broadband service from cable providers get half the speed they pay for.

Broadband providers that advertised average median downloads speed of 8Mb per second in 2009 actually delivered an average speed of 3Mb per second and a median speed of 4Mb per second, the FCC report said.

Broadband speed is determined by a wide range of factors including congestion, network efficiency and Web site performance that can bog down overall performance, Daily Tech said.

Only so much bandwidth is available, so if your neighbors download lots of movies and video games it could affect your broadband speed.

Yoba, Mennell to star in 'Alphas' pilot

New York -- The U.S. cable network Syfy says Malik Yoba and Laura Mennell have joined the cast of its action-adventure pilot "Alphas."

The casting decision was announced Friday by Mark Stern, executive vice president of original programming at Syfy and co-head of content for Universal Cable Productions.

Cablevision acquires Bresnan for $1.36bn

Cablevision Systems Corp., the nation's fifth largest cable operator that offers high speed internet connection agreed to pay more than $1.36 billion for Bresnan Communications, a cable services operator whose owners include the private equity firm Providence Equity Partners.

Canadian cable and broadcasters clash

Ottawa -- Canada's federal broadcast regulator is in the middle of a dispute by broadcasters demanding cable companies pay for using their signals.

Hearings began in Ottawa Monday by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission into the long-running battle that came to a head in the past year as advertising revenues plummeted for broadcasters, Sun Media reported.

At the hearing, the country's largest broadcaster, CTV said it would start pulling Canadian and U.S. content from cable and satellite companies who use its signal and the threat of closing down small, unprofitable stations was also a possibility to remain viable.