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Will HP's Tablet Take a Bite Out of Apple?

If Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) isn't going to deliver the tablet computer that everyone is expecting, leave it to Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) to crash the hype party.

Don't Worry About the Unemployment Rate

It's not that the theory doesn't make sense. At first blush it makes
perfect sense. But when you look at the numbers, the simple-as-pie
thesis starts to break down.

Pause and Refresh With These Stocks

It's tough to invest when the stock market appears hellbent on rising,
even as the consumers on whom our economy depends continue to tread
water. Nurturing a large cash position may make sense, but you don’t
want to miss out on additional gains, either. If you're parched by this
drought of good investments, Fools, grab a frosted glass. The
non-alcoholic beverages industry may strike the perfect balance between
portfolio offense and defense.

Do You Have the Guts to Buy?

was on the phone with an old pal from Rockville, Md. That summer, he
had tipped me off to a local scientist and businessman who claimed he
could crack the human genome. There was an IPO. I bought in and forgot

What's $115 Million Between Friends?

What is an option to buy half of Elan (NYSE: ELN) and Biogen Idec's (Nasdaq: BIIB) multiple sclerosis drug, Tysabri, for an undetermined amount of money worth?

How to Cut All the Wrong Corners

National Semiconductor (NYSE: NSM) may have moved into the black, but this quarter has a sodden, muggy lining if you ask me. The company has stepped on the brakes way too hard in response to last year's economic shenanigans.

7 Companies Whose Managers Eat Their Own Cooking

I don't know about you, but my mother always made me the guinea pig when it came to taste-testing her food for dinner parties.

3 Reasons to Believe in This Rebound

The tech market has shown many signs of life recently, leading many investors -- myself included -- to believe that the worst is over. Today, we have three fresh pieces of evidence to support this thesis.

Should You Sell Everything Now?

The market always has its share of Chicken Littles. Unfortunately, more
of today's cluckers hold positions of authority in the stocks you own.

Atheros Is Learning New Tricks

Atheros Communications (Nasdaq: ATHR), for example, is picking up a new ability. Atheros is an expert in wireless networking,
and also dabbles in wired data links like Ethernet controllers. And now
the company will fold in the powerline networking products of Intellon (Nasdaq: ITLN) in a deal that amounts to $181 million in cash and stock once you back out Intellon's $62 million of debt-free cash.