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Fresh violence between Christians and Muslims in Egypt, 12 killed

The burning of a church amid rising violence between Christians and Muslims in Egypt has widened the communal rift among the two communities.

Cosmic blast in distant galaxy leaves NASA baffled

A rare cosmic sight burst at the center of a distant galaxy has befuddled scientists at NASA.

N. Carolina pioneering human waste-to-energy

Charlotte, N.C. -- A North Carolina county's plan to burn human excrement for electricity is being watched nationwide, scientists said.

Cabarrus County plans to begin burning processed waste at its water-treatment plant as early as next year, and the project could be duplicated across the United States, the Charlotte Observer reported Sunday.

"All responsible water utilities are contemplating this as part of their future planning," Robert Rubin, a retired North Carolina State University professor of biological and agricultural engineering, told the Observer. "We are looking at these societal byproducts as a resource."