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Body mass index

Tonsil surgery may make kids obese--study

Think twice before getting your child's tonsils removed, as a new research states that kids who undergo the surgery are more likely to gain weight.

10000 steps a day lowers diabetes risk--study

Preventing diabetes is just a matter of steps now! Walking, running or jogging more not only wards off weight-gain, but also delays or prevents diabetes, a new study reveals.

Brisk walking linked to greater life expectancy--study

A novel research delving into the link between walking speed and mortality found that senior citizens who walked faster had a greater life expectancy than their slower peers.

FDA panel approves Lap Band for the less obese

An advisory committee for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given the green signal to expanding the use of the popular Lap Band weight-loss device, by allowing it to be used on people who are less than severely obese. A formal FDA approval may soon follow.

Cold virus predisposes kids to obesity

Kids who carry a virus strain that causes respiratory and gastrointestinal illness are more likely to be obese and overweight as against their counterparts who do not carry the strain, suggest the findings of a new study.

Girls without dad at home reach puberty early

A study last month revealed that teen American girls are growing up quicker, beginning puberty at much younger ages. Now, another study shows that those girls who are growing up in homes with absent fathers may hit puberty faster.

Fewer pounds means higher breast cancer risk after HRT

For once, smaller numbers on the weighing scale seem to confer a negative effect.
Thinner women who take hormone replacement therapy to combat menopausal symptoms are more likely to develop breast cancer than women who are overweight, findings of a new study suggest.

Waist size, irrespective of BMI, ups death risk-–study

People with larger waistline run a twofold higher risk of death from any cause, findings of a new study suggest.

Excess weight means lesser memory in women

Women interested in keeping their memory sharp during the later years in life need to keep a check on their weight as new research has established a link between weight and memory.

Neck circumference gauges childhood obesity better

Body Mass Index (BMI) has hitherto been touted as a potent tool to screen obesity. However measuring the circumference of a child's neck may well come across as a better way to screen youngsters who are overweight and obese, results of a new study show.