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Sporting a skinny figure? Death might be nearer

Are you living in a constant fear of putting on pounds? Your anorexic tendencies can get you knocking on heaven's door pretty quickly!

Kids' wrist size might predict heart health--study

Wrist size could be indicative of whether your child will be at increased risk of heart disease later in life, states a new study.

Fewer pounds means higher breast cancer risk after HRT

For once, smaller numbers on the weighing scale seem to confer a negative effect.
Thinner women who take hormone replacement therapy to combat menopausal symptoms are more likely to develop breast cancer than women who are overweight, findings of a new study suggest.

Waist size, irrespective of BMI, ups death risk-–study

People with larger waistline run a twofold higher risk of death from any cause, findings of a new study suggest.

Preventive Healthcare to be made available for free

Preventive healthcare services including immunizations, colonoscopies, cancer screenings and dietary counseling will be made available for free, under the new insurance plans starting in September.

Neck circumference gauges childhood obesity better

Body Mass Index (BMI) has hitherto been touted as a potent tool to screen obesity. However measuring the circumference of a child's neck may well come across as a better way to screen youngsters who are overweight and obese, results of a new study show.

Obesity linked to poorer sex life--study

Another addition to the long list of ills associated with obesity is that it can have a dampening effect on ones sexual life, claims a new study.

Music publishers demand performance fee

New York, September 17 -- Songwriters, composers, and music publishers are all set to ask Apple and other e-tailers to pay them their performance fees for downloading not only music, but films and TV shows as well. Their argument is that films and TV shows also contain music.