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Plants evolve to live in nitrogen-poor environments

Carnivores plants

A U.K based biologists team found that round leaf sundew plants in southern Swedish bogs are taking up more nitrogen via their roots than those in northern and central bogs.

The meat eating plants in Sweden are so possessive on nitrogen pollution that they are able to eat f

Study: Rural children not anthropocentric

Evanston, Ill. -- U.S. researchers say they have found children from rural communities don't share the human-centered pattern of reasoning evident in urban children.

The scientists said their findings contradict the consensus that younger children adopt an anthropocentric pattern of reasoning -- interpreting reality in terms of human values and experiences.

Researchers from Northwestern University in Illinois and the Menominee Language and Culture Commission in Wisconsin studied children living in Chicago and children living in rural Wisconsin, including children from European-American and Menominee tribal communities.

Math models used to study cell processes

Blacksburg, Va. -- A Virginia Tech professor of biology says he is using math-based computer models to discover how cells process information and make decisions.

Professor John Tyson says he and other biologists want to know how jumbles of molecules can figure out how a cell should respond to its environment to survive, grow and reproduce.

"So we do what any good engineer would do," he said. "We create a mathematical model of the components and their interactions, and let the computer work out the details.

Tyson said scientists still do not have an engineer's understanding of normal mammalian cell proliferation and of what goes wrong in cancer cells.