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Are Cheaper, smarter, better smartphones a threat to Apple?

With newer cheaper and smarter phones available in the market these days, is Apple loosing its Midas's touch? Looking at the numbers released by the research firm IDC, its certain that Apple has total control over the tablet market, however looking at the figures closely by other leading tablet makers, Apple may be a raising some serious doubts amongst consumers.

One Stock That's Better Than Gold

 My colleagues Tim Hanson and Brian Richards have done their best to scare you about a falling dollar. And with the articles behind headlines like "Get Out Now!" and "Read This Because the Dollar Is Doomed," they've made their point.


You Can Do Better Than 9%

We've been told that the Internet is the new frontier for e-commerce. Online stores are booming. Bricks-and-mortar chains are beefing up their dot-com storefronts.


Rainforest trees better for environment

Canberra, Australia -- Australian researchers say reforestation of damaged rainforests is better for the environment than planting single-species plantations in their place.

Mixed-species rainforests are much more efficient at capturing carbon than softwood monoculture plantations, an article published in the journal Ecological Management & Restoration says.

Monoculture plantations are grown for industrial purposes and are used as a cheap and abundant source of resources such as timber and rubber. The plantations are highly controversial, however, with some ecologists describing the lack of diversity as a "green desert."

WVU Coach Huggins doing better after fall

Morgantwon, W.Va. -- West Virginia men's basketball Coach Bob Huggins is improving after breaking four ribs in a Las Vegas fall, school officials say.

Mountaineers Sports Information Director Bryan Messerly told Monday's Charleston (W.Va.) Daily Mail Huggins would likely be discharged "in the next couple of days."

"(Huggins) said he was doing a lot better," Messerly told the newspaper.

Drew Payne, vice chairman of WVU Board of Governors and a friend of Huggins, said the coach's brother Larry told him he coach was in his Las Vegas hotel room Friday night after attending high school basketball tournaments in the city and was preparing to leave when "he tripped on something and fell and hit a table going down."

Ebola vaccine found better than thought

Bethesda, Md. -- U.S. scientists say an experimental Ebola vaccine protects monkeys against not only the two most lethal Ebola virus species, but also a new Ebola virus.

The vaccine, developed at the National Institutes of Health, was originally designed to protect against two Ebola viruses discovered in 1976. But now researchers have discovered it also protects against a newer Ebola virus species that was identified in 2007.

The medical investigators, led by Nancy Sullivan of the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, included scientists from the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.