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3 Stocks for Your Watchlist

This article is part of our Rising Star Portfolios Series. Most investors don't keep tabs on their companies' fundamental value. That's a mistake. If you take the time to read past the headlines and crack a filing now and then, you're in a much better position to spot potential trouble early. Better yet, you'll improve your odds of finding the underappreciated home run stocks that provide the market's best returns.

Study: Diners would pay to eat 'green'

Columbus, Ohio -- Restaurants in the United States could benefit from a desire by American consumers to dine at environmentally friendly establishments, a study says.

Researchers at Ohio State University found 8-of-10 diners in the Columbus, Ohio, area would be willing to pay more to dine at "green" restaurants, a university release said Tuesday.

The only problem, one researcher says, is very few restaurants are marketing themselves as "green" or environmentally friendly.
"It is clear that green practices could be beneficial for restaurants. Customers want their restaurants to be environmentally friendly and say they're willing to pay more for it," Jay Kandampully, professor of consumer sciences, says.

Low-dose aspirin cuts cancer risk--study

A recent study has suggested that aspirin may lower the risk of cancer-related-death by as much as 20 percent, if taken regularly for a long period. Till now, aspirin has been associated with lowering the risk of heart disease, but the study found that it curtails the risk of solid tumor cancers also.

How to Own the World's Best Companies

 Many investors strive to put their money into shares of the best companies they can find. But if you're only looking within the U.S. for your stock picks, you could be missing out on the largest players in the global economy -- as well as the up-and-coming foreign companies that stand the best chance of becoming tomorrow's leaders.

'Jersey Boys' raises $43K for N.Y. schools

New York -- The Broadway production of "Jersey Boys" has raised $43,521 to benefit New York Public Schools, the musical's producers said Monday.

The show about the iconic pop group Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons marked its fifth anniversary on Broadway this month.

As part of its celebration of the milestone, the production pledged to donate a dollar from each ticket sold to an October performance to VH1 Save The Music Foundation.

The money raised will help restore the instrumental music education program at P.S. 85 in the Bronx and the additional funds will go toward a second grant recipient school to be named in the future, the show's producers said in a news release.

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How Costco's Magic Formula Could Benefit You

 Costco's (Nasdaq: COST) stock has grown by an annual average rate of 7% over the past five years, even while the S&P 500 lost money. Incredibly, it's achieved that success by doing right by all three of its key constituents: shareholders, customers, and employees. That's a compelling combination.


Unemployment rate drops in Canada

Ottawa -- Statistics Canada said Friday the unemployment rate dropped slightly to 7.9 percent in October on a gain of 3,000 jobs.

The rate had previously been 8 percent, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported.

It fell with a double benefit of jobs added and the reduction of 4,300 people looking for work.

During the month, 47,000 full-time jobs were added to the economy and 44,000 par-time jobs were lost.

"Today's soggy employment gains extend the broader theme of much more modest growth in Canada than seen in the opening months of the year," said Doug Porter, deputy chief economist at BMO Capital Market.

Pre-K boy expelled after growing out hair

Trenton, N.J. -- A New Jersey mother who has been letting her 4-year-old son's hair grow out since birth to benefit cancer patients says he was expelled due to his long locks.

Renee Szablewski of Brick Township said her son Jack was expelled from pre-kindergarten at St. Dominic School for violating the hair section of the dress code, which she said was altered to ban long hair for boys after she had already paid half of Jack's $2,500 tuition, the full $75 registration fee, a $10 student activities charge and made $520 in donations, the Asbury Park (N.J.) Press reported Wednesday.

Ban on public smoking helps kids with asthma

A recent study reveals that reducing exposure to secondhand smoke lessens the chances of hospitalization or asthma greatly.

Distinctive getaway car foiled robbery

New York -- Paid maternity leave for working U.S. mothers remains a rare benefit that is apt to become more rare in a tight economy, a human resources survey found.

In a 2010 Society for Human Resource Management survey, only 17 percent of employers indicated that paid leave was an option for mothers with newborns, The Boston Globe reported Thursday.

In addition, 7 percent of those who offer the benefit indicated they were working on plans to stop offering paid maternity leave or trim back the benefit.

Under federal law, 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave -- although paid leave is an option -- must be granted to employees of firms with 50 or more workers. For workers at smaller firms, state laws cover the benefit.