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How I Lost 89% on One Stock, and How You Can Avoid My Mistakes

As any member of Alcoholics Anonymous knows, the first step to righting your wrongs is admitting your weakness. In that spirit, I'm writing about my biggest investing mistake ever. Here. Publicly. For the whole world to see.


Man faked robbery to avoid repaying loan

Boynton Beach, Fla. -- Police in Florida said a 25-year-old man told them he falsified an armed robbery to avoid repaying a $400 loan from his mother.

Boynton Beach Police said Leon Murray told officers he was robbed of $400 cash, a bank card and a .45-caliber Taurus handgun Sept. 20, but he later admitted during questioning that he invented the story because of the debt, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Friday.

Investigators said the handgun Murray reported stolen had been pawned several months earlier.

Murray was charged with one count of making a false report to law enforcement and arrested on an unrelated misdemeanor warrant, police said.

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U.S., U.K. partner on climate change study

Washington -- The world must substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions if it is to escape the worst impacts of climate change, U.S. and British scientists say.

Climate scientists from both countries reached the conclusion at a meeting in Washington on the United Kingdom's AVOID program, a release from the National Center for Atmospheric Research said Thursday.

The AVOID program is an inter-disciplinary research collaboration across the physical sciences to study climate impacts and the technical and socio-economic implications of climate change, the release said.

Hyundai union approves contract

Ulsan, South Korea -- Workers at South Korea's Hyundai Motor Company voted Saturday to accept a new contract and avoid a strike, Hyundai and the union announced.

About 58 percent of the 42,286 members of the union approved the package, which included a pay raise and a bonus payment.

South Korea's Yonhap News Agency said the new contract headed off a strike at Hyundai's main plant in Ulsan, which has been hit by strikes on virtually a yearly basis since 1987.

"The approval marks a new milestone for Hyundai's labor-management relationship," Hyundai Vice President Kang do-han told reporters.

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