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Australian airline

Airline might sue Rolls-Royce over engine

Sydney -- The Australian airline Quantas Airways says it has begun legal action against the maker of an engine used on some Airbus A380 passenger jets.

Quantas officials said they initiated the action against engine supplier Rolls-Royce as a backup in case it can't reach a settlement with the company over the explosion of one of its engines in flight last month, the BBC reported.

The pilots in the November flight made a successful emergency landing in Singapore after one of the explosion.

The Australian Safety Bureau found a manufacturing problem with the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines.

Snakes escape, ground plane

Melbourne, April 16 (UPI) -- An Australian airline said two flights were canceled due to the escape of four baby pythons from a container in a plane's cargo hold.

Qantas bosses said workers discovered that a shipment of 12 non-venomous Stimson pythons in the cargo hold of a plane that arrived in Melbourne from the city of Alice Springs was light four snakes, Britain's The Daily Mail reported Thursday.

Officials said the Boeing 737 was grounded after staff members were unable to locate the escaped pythons.