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Patent cases low hanging fruit for lawyers

Detroit -- U.S. attorneys are having a field day with a law that allows anyone to sue a business that keeps a patent number on a product too long, an attorney said.

With the recent change in the law allowing anyone to sue and collect half the fine for themselves, "Anyone can look at a product and see if it has an expired patent number and can sue. It's caused the opening of the floodgates," said patent attorney Tom Bejin at Radar Fishman & Grauer, a Michigan firm, the Detroit Free Press reported Thursday.

"The economic incentive went from zero to 60 in three seconds," Bejin said.

49 states to review foreclosure cases

Washington -- Attorneys general from every state but Alabama said Wednesday they would investigate foreclosures in the wake of paperwork scandals surfacing in courtrooms.

The investigation comes on the heels of an increasing number of foreclosures marred by paperwork allegedly notarized improperly by electronic signatures or by people rushing through the documents -- not reading them in some cases, media reports say. reported Wednesday that an increasing number of lenders had suspended their foreclosure activities to perform their own reviews of their procedures.