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Iran to reciprocate ‘on the same level’ if attacked

Any attack on Iran by Israeli or American forces will invite retaliation ‘on the same level’ and that the west is making a grave mistake by threatening Iran, the country's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said.

LulzSec hacks Arizona law enforcement, posts sensitive documents online

The hacker group LulzSec is in no mood of backing off anytime soon. Undeterred by the Tuesday arrest of a 19-year-old hacker, reportedly associated with the group, it is continuing with its hacking operations.

Sony hacked again, 120 passwords published online

Another day, another hack on Sony database! Just a day after Sony Pictures came under attack by hacker group LulzSec, the company is reeling under yet another attack. The latest victim is Sony Europe.

Facebook admits hiring PR firm to attack Google

In a sensational revelation, Facebook has admitted that it had teamed up with a public relations firm to run a secret campaign against Google, raising fears about Google’s privacy practices, according to multiple online published reports.

Hacker group Anonymous attacks Iran

After attacking several Sony websites early last month, Anonymous, the clandestine hacker group, has announced its plans to target Iran Sunday.

FBI launches raids in connection to 'Anonymous' cyberattacks

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has cracked the whip against those who participated in the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against some financial institutions and websites in support of the whistleblower site WikiLeaks.

AMD's 2011 Will Be Nothing Like 2010

At the start of 2010, Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD)was still in pretty dire straits. The long-awaited Fusion architecture was still a distant dream, at least for system builders and consumers. The manufacturing arm spun off as Globalfoundries hung like a lead albatross around AMD's neck and balance sheet, despite a recent cash infusion from the legal department of Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) and further assistance from AMD's Arabian investors/friends.

When Commodities Attack!

You know about stocks and bonds, but there are a few other investment classes out there that most individuals don't think much about, especially as they relate to individual companies. One is foreign exchange, which I've already talked about. Another is commodities, probably the world's oldest investments. Almost every type of business relies on commodities in some way, making it important for every investor to think about the broad implications of how their companies operate.

Aftermath of WikiLeaks Takedown: Operation Payback

 After WikiLeaks released thousands of diplomatic cables, companies began distancing themselves from the controversial site. Banks and payment processors such aseBay's (Nasdaq: EBAY) PayPal among others began cutting ties to the organization, denying users the ability to donate to the site, and the site's Web hosting provider, AMZN), decided WikiLeaks had violated its terms of service, and it stopped hosting the site.


Police: Woman attacked over baby toy

Port St. Lucie, Fla. -- Police in Florida said a woman attacked a fellow Walmart shopper because her baby was "squeezing a child's toy that was making a lot of noise."

Port St. Lucie police said Jeanette Ramirez, 33, of Lauderhill, instigated a "verbal altercation" with the mother due to the noise made by the toy and the incident escaladed when three witnesses saw Ramirez "physically assaulting/hitting" the other woman, reported Thursday.

Police arrested Ramirez on a charge of misdemeanor simple battery.

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