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Grab the sleek and slim iPad Air Now!

Hey folks welcome the new iPad Air! What should we do now, should we follow the up gradation trends and chuck the iPad of the older generation to get the smart the iPad mini or the iPad Air?

Microsoft's $7.2 Billion Nokia Not Enough to Attract Software Developers

Nokia and Microsoft Corp.’s $7.2 billion deal has not been fruitful for the company, claim experts. The handset business has faltered and also failed to lure the software developers. which have been dubbed as significant in its path to success.

Prepare to stay elegantly connected with friends at Facebook Home!

Need the best quality experience for connection with friends? According to Facebook engineers, the new Facebook home, on Androids, is the answer. The new Home was revealed to the media and computers by Facebook recently. This will help the users stay connected with friends on Facebook at all times and also display information right on the home screen!

Facebook plans to snatch the “mobile best” tag!

What’s with these smartphone social apps that are gaining traction? Are they a threat to Facebook, folks! Apps like Whatsapp, Kakao Talk, Pheed, Snapshot and Kik have the same function as Facebook that allow the user to get connected, create profiles, share multimedia and make friends with people! Then what happens to Facebook?

RIM to launch Blackberry 10 in a matter of hours

Will Blackberry 10 revive RIM?

Research In Motion is finally about to take the wraps off its new line of phones based on Blackberry 10 OS.

Research In Motion gives more time to developers to submit apps after thunderous response

Will Blackberry 10 have more apps than Apple and Android?

Research In Motion has extended the deadline of its Portathon event, giving developers some more time to get in their apps.

Blackberry 10 gains 15,000 apps in just two days

Blackberry 10 should give consumers a lot of app choices if it wants to succeed

Research In Motion has been able to get over 15,000 new apps in just 2 days.

Making apps for the enemy? Why Google is winning by making apps for Apple

Google Maps was the most downloaded app when it came out

Making apps is a significant investment for any developer, yet Google has been quite diligent in making apps for Apple.

Apps targeted towards kids can be dangerous, finds FTC

Privacy is just as important for kids as it is for adults

The Federal Trade Commission has found several privacy issues in apps designed for kids on multiple mobile platforms.

Apps update: best iOS apps for the season

Checkout the following exciting iOS apps