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Samsung to open mini-stores inside Best Buys

Is retail the next significant battleground between the two tech giants, Samsung and Apple? Looks like, the Korean company is about to take a leaf from Apple’s retail strategy that has been one of its great successes.

Apple prepping for 'iPhone 5S' launch this summer?

Looks like rumours flying about Apple's next iPhone launching this summer may be true after all!!

Facebook is now also “A Mobile Company”

Facebook has decided the day to be April 4 for a press conference to release its own mobile phone and has already sent out the invitations. The punch line on all the invitations read "Come See Our New Home On Android".

Apple all set to fix loopholes in password security

Some time back Apple was in news for a security exploit wherein lot of Apple ID passwords was reset. The company has now acknowledged the issue and confirmed that it is working actively in getting this issue fixed as soon as possible.

Microsoft’s Window Store with 50,000 applications set new standards

Windows store of Microsoft is now loaded with more than 50,000 applications. As of today there are 50,304 applications available in the Windows store of Microsoft and this was confirmed by MetroStore Scanner. In the month of March there has been record break of 279 applications developed daily by Microsoft.

Release date of Steve Jobs film “Jobs” starring Ashton Kutcher delayed

A film by the name of “Jobs” was being made on the life history of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs who died in 2011. According to Hollywood Reporter, the film was scheduled to be released on April 19 but now has been pushed back because of marketing reasons. The news was confirmed by its creators today.

How Samsung Galaxy S4 fares against iPhone 5, other competitors and Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy SIV vs Apple iPhone 5

Samsung Electronics has given a tough competition to its chief rival Apple and other competitors by introducing Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone which has larger and sharper screen as compared to Galaxy S3.

Apple quietly updates Maps application for several cities!

Hats off to Apple! The tech giant quickly deals with issues pointed out on its operating system!! The company has been quietly upgrading and tweaking its new Maps app after reports of inaccuracies and misplaced cities and towns continued to flow.

Samsung Galaxy grabs the innovator mantle: Breaks away from Android pack

Samsung Galaxy

As the world waits for Samsung to unveil its next generation Galaxy S Smartphone, Dr. Gadget tracks the progress from a humble beginning in the market to the leading horse.

New iPad Mini scam circulating on fake Facebook page!

Facebook users wanting to get their hands on the iPad mini tablet may want to steer clear of a relatively new trend targeting them!!