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Apple TV

Apple promises big on Apple TV

Apple gives high hopes in apple tv

Apple Inc continues its Northward direction in terms of sales. The recent years have been good for the company as the iPods, iPads and iPhones have been selling like hot cakes.

Samsung unveils Jelly Bean-powered HomeSync to compete with Apple TV

Samsung has unveiled an Android powered media hub called HomeSync that plans to add the spunk to your living rooms, this time.

Apple TV inches closer to reality

As per unconfirmed reports, Apple is testing out TV designs for its rumored own-brand TV, though the development process remains shrouded in tremendous secrecy.

Apple HD TV rumors gather steam again

Apple HD TV rumors gather steam again

The buzz about the rumored Apple HD TV never seems to die out. The highly anticipated device is back in focus as hype is building over its impending release soon.

VIA Technologies sues Apple for violating patents

The patent wars between tech companies roll on. In the latest legal spat, VIA technologies has accused Apple of violating its microprocessor technology patents.

Apple ends 99-cent TV show rentals for iTunes, Apple TV

Mere days after Steve Jobs announced that he would be stepping down as the CEO of the company, Apple Inc. has pulled the plug on its US$0.99 TV show rental service.

Reports of Google TV's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Logitech's (Nasdaq: LOGI) Revue box isn't dead. Just ask Logitech. Putting an end to "puzzling speculation" that production has been suspended on the Google TV set-top box pending software updates, Logitech executive Ashish Arora explains in an official blog entry that it would never have to hold up the assembly line for refreshing that it delivers digitally.

What's Next for Apple TV?

 Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) said Apple TV reached 1 million in sales this week, and the news pushed the shares of the Cupertino company to a new life-time high. But the job doesn't end here for Apple.


Logitech launches ‘Revue’ set-top-box powered by Google TV, available at $299.99

Stepping up in the television-meets-internet space, just a few paces behind Apple TV is Logitech Revue, powered by Google TV.

A Fool Looks Back

Nearly everything that we expected out of Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) Apple TV came to fruition. Chatter about the low, $99 price point, TV show rentals for just $0.99, and a shift to the proven iOS platform all proved accurate.