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Now, Siri will book movie tickets with iOS 6.1 update

Now, Siri will be booking movie tickets with iOS 6.1 update

With competition gathering pace, Apple is adding more functionality to the voice activated virtual personal assistant Siri!!

Mobile price undermining by Google and Amazon may hurt all players

Mobile price undermining by Google and Amazon may hurt all players

Google Nexus 10 tablet at $199 apiece!! Are the guys serious about the price? It seems that unrealistic tablet prices set by market leads Google and Amazon are going to hurt all players in the market in a big way.

Google Nexus 10: The most potent alternative to iPad?

Google Nexus 10 is good, but definitely not an iPad killer

When the Apple iPad was rolled by the legendary Steve Jobs few years back, the fanfare surrounding it was something extraordinary. Several companies, primarily Samsung, tried to match its success, and failed. But, do we have a game changer on hand in the form of Google Nexus 10?

Here is how Microsoft can beat Apple iPad

Erstwhile market leader Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to regain its numero-uno position that it lost to the likes of Apple and Google. Its Surface tab is slated for an October 26 launch, but is it capable enough to take on iPad? Here is how!

Hottest tabs set for launch this season

The holiday season is getting hotter by the day with new devices being rolled out every now and then. Following a spectacular round of smartphone launches, the unveiling of tablet pcs is going to begin soon.

Apple revs up effort to seek injunction against Samsung devices

Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone

In a latest lawsuit filed in a U.S. court, Apple is seeking a ban on import of Samsung’s smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy devices, in the United States.