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How to check if your UDID was released during Antisec Apple Hack

AntiSec hacks FBI systems and steals UDIDs of Apple users

A word of caution for proud owners of Apple devices! Your information is not safe from hackers and chances are that your secret UDID has already been compromised.

Anonymous hacks NATO, steals 1 GB of sensitive data

Following the arrests of 21 suspected members of two computer hacking groups, Anonymous and LulzSec, a coalition of hackers on Thursday claimed to have pirated servers of NATO, the world's largest military alliance, and stole enormous amounts of sensitive information.

And now, another FBI partner hacked!

As if the attack on FBI partner site InfraGard was not enough, hackers have landed another blow on the U.S. intelligence agency, this time on IRC Federal, an FBI engineering contractor.

And now, Apple site hacked!

While LulzSec has apparently called it a day and quit last week, the hacking operations by the rapidly evolving AntiSec hackers continue.