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Air pollution a major cause of heart attack--study

Air pollution, especially inhaling the ultra fine particles of traffic fumes raise cardiovascular risks and triggers more heart attacks than alcohol, drugs or physical exertion, claims an intriguing new study.

Heart risk higher in Type D personalities--study

Pessimistic, stressed-out people are more prone to heart problems. According to the findings of a new study, “distressed” people, having a personality profile known as Type D, carry thrice the risk of future heart problems, compared to more contented, optimistic people.

25 percent shareholders show displeasure for Michael Dell

If Dell Inc’s sales and earnings per share (EPS) have fallen, support for Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Michael Dell has slid too.

Aggressive people run higher heart risk--study

A soft and pleasing personality not only adds to you overall outlook, it also gives you a health advantage. According to the findings of a new research, aggressive and angry people face a greater risk for heart attack and stroke.

5 Ways to Deal with Difficult Employees

No one wants to work with difficult people, since they decrease productivity, increase frustration, and hamper the working environment. It is essential to tackle them early on before the productivity of the whole workplace suffers.

Chris Brown's 'Changed Man' made Rihanna cry

Los Angeles, December 5 -- Chris Brown once again apologized publicly for his brutal assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna in February of this year. The R&B singer appeared on ABC News 20/20 to tell the world he never ever had problems with anger.

Anger may cause sudden death: Study

Connecticut, February 24: According to a new study, intense emotions, like anger, can stimulate deadly heart rhythms that have the potential to pose a threat to life.