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Price drops for Kindle e-reader

Los Angeles -- Online retailer has introduced what it says is the least expensive electronic book-reader available.

The device, called Kindle, retails for $139, and goes on sale next month. The cheapest Kindle operates only in an environment that has wi-fi, but a $189 version is equipped with 3G, the same communications platform used by many cellphones.

Last month, the cheapest Kindle e-reader listed for $259. The new reader has a sharp screen and is lighter than a previous version, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday. said its electronic books sold better than conventional hardcover books last month

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Amazon Is Up to Something

If you didn't take advantage of the recent price cut on's(Nasdaq: AMZN) Kindle, you may have to wait for your $189 e-reader.

The Sharp Pain in Apple's Side

Come on in, Sharp. The water's fine -- if you fancy piranhas.

Kindle for Android available soon

Seattle -- said Tuesday that Kindle for Android, which can turn a phone into a library, would be available sometime this summer.

Kindle for Android is able to access 540,000 book titles and allows for synchronized bookmarks, so that readers can save their places across a wide technological landscape, including Kindle, the iPod touch, iPads, Blackberries and other devices, said in a statement. said the program would allow users to synchronize the last page read across a variety of devices.

Books can be read even the devise is held horizontally or vertically. To turn the page, tap the side of the device, said.

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Seattle, January 29 -- During the holiday discounts and free shipping, shoppers made merry and so did

What's in stores this Black Friday?

New York, November 25 -- According to a recent poll by National Retail Federation, more than 134 million U.S. customers are expected to shop this coming Thanksgiving weekend.

Boyle's CD a huge seller on

Seattle -- says Scottish singer Susan Boyle's upcoming album, "I Dreamed a Dream," is the largest global CD pre-order in the Web site's history.

Sony Music Entertainment is releasing the album Nov. 23. Amazon did not say exactly how many copies have been pre-ordered.

Boyle became an Internet star after she brought the house down last April by singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from "Les Miserables" during her appearance on the television competition show "Britain's Got Talent."

Amazon hears footsteps, drops Kindle price

Seattle -- U.S. Internet retail giant said it would drop the price of its electronic Kindle reader, saying the fast-selling gadget has a strong retail future.

The on line retailer said a new Kindle -- now priced $40 less at $259 -- would allow readers in 100 countries to download English-language material almost instantaneously.

"A book that may take two weeks to get shipped internationally in physical form can now be delivered in less than 60 seconds," Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos told USA Today.

Downloading a book on the previous Kindle overseas required transferring content from a computer with a USB device. The current Kindle bypasses that process, the newspaper reported Wednesday.

Google to sell e-books to challenge

Washington, June 2: Seeking to find common ground with authors, who have complained about copyright violations through search services, Google plans later this year to begin distributing and selling e-books on behalf of its publishing partners.

"We've consistently maintained that we're committed to helping our partners find more ways to make their books accessible and available for purchase," Google spokesman Gabriel Stricker said Monday confirming the move first reported by the New York Times.

"By end of this year, we hope to give publisher partners an additional way to sell their books by allowing users to purchase access to partner programme books online," he said in an e-mail to InformationWeek, a leading source for information technology news.

Google's E-Book retail program a challenge to Amazon's Kindle

Los Angeles, June 1: Internet search goliath Google has announced Monday a new program that would enable publishers to sell digital versions of their newest books direct to consumers through its search engine.