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Sick airline passenger suspected to be suffering from cholera

The officials of American Airlines have confirmed that there was a suspected cholera patient on flight 778 arriving from Dominican Republic at Miami on Thanksgiving night.

Police: Man tossed oranges at planes

Mesa, Ariz. -- Police in Arizona said they arrested a man who was caught throwing oranges at airplanes and sniffing spray paint near an airport.

Investigators said they responded to a call at the Falcon Field municipal airport in Mesa and found Brian Henio, 33, in a neighboring orange grove throwing fruit at the planes, The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, reported Wednesday.

Police said Henio had paint on his upper lip and they recognized the smell of spray paint.

The suspect, who was described by police as "extremely jittery," told officers he knew he was trespassing and wanted to go to New Mexico, the arrest report said.

Soul singer Solomon Burke dies

Amsterdam, Netherlands -- Grammy Award-winning soul singer Solomon Burke died Sunday on a plane at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, officials said. He was 70.

Burke died after arriving on a flight from Los Angeles, Sky News reported Sunday. He was to perform Tuesday in Amsterdam.

A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Burke is known for the hit "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love."

Burke was born in an upstairs room at a gospel church in Philadelphia and started his recording career at 14 with "Christmas Presents From Heaven."

"Many artists claim to have their roots in the church, but few go back this far and run this deep," Burke had written on his Web site.

U.K. predicts 'spaceplane' in 10 years

London -- British engineers say they believe spacecraft taking off from an ordinary airport runway and carrying tourists into space might be a reality in 10 years.

A British company, Reaction Engines Ltd., is developing a spaceplane it says will travel five times the speed of sound and carry up to 24 passengers and up to 12 tons of cargo into space, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

The unpiloted craft would take off from an airport runway and use its two hydrogen/oxygen engines to propel it more than 18 miles into space.

Each mission of the $1 billion spaceplane would cost about $10 million.

Police: Parking-spot spat turned violent

New York -- Police in New York said they arrested a man who allegedly hit a woman three times with his car while she was standing in a parking space at an airport.

Ercan Karabeyoglu, 56, of New York, allegedly became enraged when he found Remzija Sahanic, 49, of Hartford, Conn., standing in a parking space at John F. Kennedy International Airport and she refused to move, the New York Post reported Thursday.

Sahanic told the man she was saving the spot for her daughter and he allegedly replied by asking if she was a terrorist and threatening to hit her, police said.

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Man detained at airport with 18 monkeys

Mexico City -- Police in the Mexican capital said they detained a man at an airport who had 18 monkeys, two of them dead, hidden in a belt beneath his clothes.

Mexico's Pubic Safety Department said Roberto Sol Cabrera Zavaleta, 38, who arrived at the Mexico City airport from Lima, Peru, was stopped due to a bulge beneath his shirt and officers discovered he was hiding the small titi monkeys in a belt under his clothes, CNN reported Tuesday.

The suspect told police the monkeys were initially transported in his suitcase, but he moved them to the belt to keep them from being harmed by X-ray machines. He said he purchased the primates as "pets" for $30 in Peru.

Hilton goes topless whilst having a gala time on the yacht

Call it the best way to celebrate after being released within half an hour of detention and that too when the incarceration has been on charges of possession of marijuana.

UFOs in China cause flight delays

Chongqing, China -- Two recent UFO sightings have caused a stir in eastern China, with "twinkling lights" causing an airport to shut down temporarily.

The lights were observed above the terminal at Hangzhou's Xiaoshan Airport on the evening of July 7, causing 18 flights to be delayed or redirected, China's official Xinhua news agency reported, adding that the lights may have come from a private aircraft. A source told China Daily the lights could have been caused by a military operation.

On Thursday, a second UFO was seen above Chongqing, with one witness saying four "lantern-like objects forming a diamond shape" floated above a park for about an hour, Shanghai Daily reported.

China to spend $100B in projects

Beijing -- The Chinese government says it plans to spend over $100 billion this year in projects in the underdeveloped western region to spur domestic demand.

The money will go for 23 new infrastructure projects such as railways, roads, airports, coal mines, nuclear power stations and power grids, China Daily reported Wednesday, quoting the National Development and Reform Commission, the country's top economic planning agency.

The projects will be in the northwest Xinjiang-Uighur, Inner Mongolia, southwest Tibet and Sichuan and Yunnan regions and provinces, the report said.

Construction will start this year to "actively expand domestic demand and promote the fast and healthy development of the western areas," the commission said.