Money Matters - Simplified


Greece Government wins confidence vote

The Greece's government survived a confidence vote late Tuesday, a crucial first step towards thwarting the euro zone's first sovereign debt default.

Chrysler repays $1.9B loan

Chrysler Holding, parent company of Chrysler LLC, the besieged automaker that had opted for Chapter 11 protection last year, repaid $1.9 billion loan to the U.S. Treasury Department.

Clashes in Haiti over sparse aid

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, January 18 -- Western hemisphere's poorest country was rendered even poorer six days back when a devastating earthquake wreaked havoc on it.

Church members contribute $2.4 million on Warren’s plea

Los Angeles, CA, January 3 -- Preacher Rick Warren's plea for donations led to a mind boggling response from parishioners!

GMAC gets $3.8 billion in 3rd round of funding

New York, December 31 -- GMAC may not have been able to garner sufficient capital on its own, but the erstwhile part of General Motors, known as General Motors Acceptance Corporation for years, has found a knight in shining armor in the Treasury Department.

Britain, France pledge $2 billion each to IMF for poor countries

Istanbul, October 4: France and the U.K. have pledged to loan the International Monetary Fund (IMF) $4 billion at low interest rates to assist the Washington-based lender finance poor countries hit hard by the current economic recession.