Money Matters - Simplified


34 Expert Analysts Uncover Outstanding Dividend Plays

 In researching a series of articles, I've had the enviable opportunity to hold lengthy discussions with 34 of the Fool's analysts and advisors over the past two months, learning the companies they like and why. Stepping back and analyzing three notepads full of strategy, numbers, and logic, I've gleaned two key takeaways. Over the course of this article, I'll share those and the one company I plan to buy as a result of their insights.


How to Tell Your Advisor's Real Agenda

 We hire professionals for their expertise, and pay them for guidance on topics that are unfamiliar to us. And there's the rub: How can we judge whether it's sound advice, or advice that just sounds good because you're being told what you want to hear?


3 Things Your Financial Pro Will Never Tell You

 Which would you rather hear from your financial advisor?

  • This?: "Retire at 45? Sure! Let's make it happen!"
  • Or this?: "There are two ways to realistically achieve your financial goal: Increase your annual savings 25% (cutting your spending, downsizing, or other means), or add five to 10 years to your time frame."

GM to increase size and price of IPO

General Motors Co. (GM) will increase the size of its initial public offering (IPO) by more than 30 percent, the company has confirmed.

Picking Your Financial Planner

Even before you decide to hire a financial advisor, do your homework well. You must be clear in your mind as to what it is that you wish to achieve by hiring one.