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Gigantic Google Glass store floating in the San Francisco Bay?

Did we actually see a mystifying, huge barge resting alongside the Treasure Island in San Francisco? Well, definitely yes, there is a large structure moored and resting on top of the San Francisco's Treasure Island that has all the people buzzing whispers. The fingers are all pointing towards Google for this as the company normally is very innovative with “unpredictably crazy projects”.

NASA News: Disintegration that has Opened New Doors for Orbital Sciences

Last week witnessed something that the Orbital Sciences had been anticipating for years. Cygnus, the cargo spacecraft of orbital sciences, was found disintegrating into billion pieces as it was found stepping into the atmosphere of the Earth. This doesn't sound like news that is too good but it was in fact beneficial for the Dulles-based space company.

Facebook – A News Publication Site?

Social media has indeed grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. What took off a method of staying connected with friends and acquaintances now has even more avenues to it.

Pinterest Establishes Partnership With Getty, Agrees To Pay For Metadata

Pinterest users would have experienced several challenges these days such as links with dead end or not finding relevant search results for pins.

Google Nexus 5, up-ready for ‘end October’ release

Wowe! That’s great news folks! It seems, the release date for the Google Nexus 5 is approaching closer. October gets Google Nexus 5 lucky, according to the reports!

Samsung found guilty of astroturfing, fined $340,300

Samsung is having dream run at the moment. The smartphone maker has made its mark across the world with its innovative gadgets that have found favor with the consumers.

Samsung Electronics Witness Record Third-Quarter, Cautions Of Slower Smartphone Growth

The operating profit for this quarterly of Samsung Electronics Company has surged to 26 percent, thus, setting a fresh record this year. This operating profit of the company has matched the estimates, which shows a powerful and strong recovery in the business of memory chips, as there is a sharp increase in the sales of Smartphone.

NASA Releases Spectacular Video of ‘Canyon of Fire’

NASA has released a video of the 300,000km ‘canyon of fire’ on the sun’s surface that was captured on September 29.

Google invents uProxy to tackle crackdown on Internet autonomy

Internet search engine behemoth Google has revolutionized the way people access information. It has been instrumental in making the entire world a well connect small little digital world.

Harley-Davidson 3rd quarterly earnings & sales rise sharply

Harley-Davidson Inc. said Tuesday that its third-quarter income in 2013 rose sharply compared to the same period last year.