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The mystery behind moon’s craters

The data gathered by NASA's Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) spacecraft is unveiling surprising facts about the moon’s surface.

Facebook bids iconic much loved ‘Thumbs up’ goodbye

Once again Facebook revamps one of its age-old features, this time it’s the “Thumbs up” logo! Our eyes commonly search for the blue white thumbs up “like logo” whenever we want to appreciate something on Facebook, but now it’s time to wish this iconic much loved “Thumbs up” sign a good bye and watch out for the new redesigned logo!

NASA Grants $6 Million To UCF For Asteroid Landings Study

Later this year, NASA will have University of Central Florida or UCF as its Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science or CLASS. Thanks to the grant award of $6 million by NASA to Daniel Britt, Physics Professor, UCF.

Teenager's Social Network of choice: YouTube overtakes Facebook!

Looks like Facebook is losing its ground among teens! Influence of the social networking site among youngsters may be waning as a new poll shows it lags behind YouTube in popularity!

Sony Releases Series Of PlayStation 4 Trailers

Sony has released a couple of promotional trailers for its next generation console, PlayStation 4. Sony plans to hit the North American Markets with its next generation Playstation 4 on 15th of November. The release of the trailers by Sony before the launch date has driven the expectations of gadget lovers to a new height!

Microsoft narrows its CEO search to five candidates

Given that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is on his way out, the company has been looking for his successor for a while now.

Blackberry stalls ‘sell-out’, stock plunges, CEO out

Blackberry doldrums , folks? Well, Blackberry Ltd has decided to shove away the plans of selling out and has announced that the present CEO of the company will be stepping down to pave the way for another. This has led to a 16% fall in share price. Is the Smartphone maker struggling to keep afloat?

A sixth-generation “iPhone Air” in the pipeline?

When it comes to the Apple, it’s never too soon to start speculating about the next device in the pipeline!

NASA begins Its Airborne Survey To Determine The Ice Cover In Greenland, Arctic Seas

NASA plans to conduct an airborne survey for the very first time to measure the changes in the Greenland Ice Sheet with respect to its height and other areas surrounding the Arctic sea during the summer melt season.

Wal-Mart kicks off holiday shopping season to squeeze in more sales!

Some great news for shoppers!! They don’t need to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to start holiday purchases!