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Google Glass With Music, Stereo Ear Buds And Shazam Like Song Identifier To Hit The Market Soon

The users of Google Glass will now have access to their favorite music from Google Play by using a pair of innovative ear buds. On Tuesday, The Mountain View giant, Google announced that these smartglasses would get a voice command soon for playing millions of songs and an acoustic accessory that is completely focused on music. Earlier, these Google Glasses arrived with a mono ear bud accessory, but that was not that liked by the people who had 2 ears working fine.

Fossilized Iguana found on Mars!

Has a fossilized iguana been spotted on Mars by the Curiosity rover or is it a lump of oddly formed rock?

Ericsson Plans To Achieve 5.6 Billion Subscriptions In Smartphone By 2019

The number of Smartphone users have risen considerably that they have exceeded the use of conventional handsets. The recent study by Ericsson, the telecoms hardware maker shows that increased use of smart phone devices has led to 55% increase in mobile subscriptions within the 9 months this year.

Grab the sleek and slim iPad Air Now!

Hey folks welcome the new iPad Air! What should we do now, should we follow the up gradation trends and chuck the iPad of the older generation to get the smart the iPad mini or the iPad Air?

Meet NASA's Robonaut: The Biggest Astronaut With Long Legs

NASA has unveiled the latest upgrade of its biggest Robonaut assistant to give you an idea about how he would look when he gets leggy in 2014!

iPhone new designs feature larger screens & better touch screen sensors

The Apple rumor mill has started churning again!! The grapevine is abuzz that the tech giant is working on new designs for its next generation iPhones!

Tracking Haiyan: NASA’s Images Depict The Impact Of Super Strong Typhoon

The Super strong typhoon Haiyan hit the island of Philippines this Friday that smashed the region along with winds that blew with a sustained speed limit of 195 MPH, which is 315 km speed per hour, according to US Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Centre.

Astounding Jailbreak Iphone 5 iOS 7.0.3 Hits The Market!

Market is flushed with updated jailbreak as well as the unlock tools that permit you to open your iOS 7, iOS 7.0.3 and iOS 7.0.2 devices from their technical manacles. The people who are using an iPad that runs on Apple’s iOS 7 firmware, iPod touch or an iPhone 5, 4S, 4,3GS, then you have a good news!

Google breaks silence behind mysterious floating barges

Speculation has been rife for weeks as to what the heck Google plans to do with a pair of floating barges off either coast of the US!

The mystery behind moon’s craters

The data gathered by NASA's Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) spacecraft is unveiling surprising facts about the moon’s surface.