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Maryland’s Night Sky Illuminated With NASA’s Minotaur I Rocket

This Tuesday, the night skies of Maryland lit up brightly as the Minotaur I rocket streaked past leaving a trail of light across the East region of US for many hundreds of miles. NASA, from the peninsula of Delmarva as a mission launched this rocket. NASA, from its Wallops Flight Facility located at Virginia on Tuesday launched the Air Force Minotaur I rocket at 8.15 pm. The Minotaur I rocket would perform several tests as a part of the Air Force’s ORS or Operational Responsive Space.

Sony PlayStation sales cross 1 million units on first day

Guess how many units the PlayStation 4 sold on the first day after its launch in North America? A whooping I million units!

NASA’s MAVEN Mission Features Mars As A World Of Enchanting Oceans

NASA reports state that in ancient times, Mars had an atmosphere that was thick enough to support the liquid bodies in the planet like oceans, as it was warm enough, which means it is an essential ingredient to support life.

iPhone app store welcomes Google Play Music

Its jubilation time for the users and Google! First Google delighted the Web and Androids with the subscription music service now it’s time for Google to go generous on the iPhone. Folks, its unlimited streaming and the Google Play Music app for the favorite iPhone. The App store gets the Google Play Music now!

Facebook gears up to grab Snapchat!

Facebook is sure going places, folks! Is there a hint of desperation in Facebook’s latest action? To get you acquainted further let us inform you of the latest whopping bid made by Facebook. Facebook made a whopping cash bid for Snapchat .

iBooks gets rid of wooden shelf in iOS 7 design refresh

Two months after releasing IOS 7, Apple has finally launched a redesigned version of its iBooks app to match the rest of its apps and operating system.

Planning To Apply For Credit Cards? Know Its Features First

Credit card has become one of the most important things of the present day. People carry this plastic money with them as they can use it is very convenient and can be used as an alternative of cash at any place, anywhere. Generally, the credit cards have several important features. Let us have a look of the special features of credit cards.

Sony launches PlayStation App for iOS and Android ahead of PS4 launch

With the PlayStation 4 poised for a launch on Friday, Sony released its companion mobile app for its upcoming console today.

Apple stores starts selling Retina iPad mini!

Some good news for Apple fans who want to grab the second version of the iPad mini! The much awaited Retina display iPad mini is officially on sale today.

The Next Step In 3-D Printing: Disposable Panties

The undergarment industry is facing a first innovation with 3D technology – lady’s panties produced with 3D printer in less than 3 seconds. This means, you can visit a store and walk out within minutes with custom printed 3D underwear adds an expert.