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10 Best Gadget Gifts For The Gadget lover In You

During this holiday season, gadgets grab the top place on the wish list. According to the consumer electronics association has estimated that about 74% of holiday shoppers would buy different type of consumer electronics this year.

Though you might have an idea to gift a gadget to your loved one or buy yourself a cool gadget, you would have lots of confusion about which one to buy.

Microsoft acknowledges Xbox One's faulty disc drive issue

It’s just been a few days since the Xbox One's launch and already gamers are experiencing issues with the console.

China’s Moon Mission Might Interfere With LADEE Project Of NASA

China is all set to launch its very own mission to moon but would not proceed until it hears from NASA that is conducting a lunar mission at present.

Americans Not Keen On Spending Unless There Are Discounts

In spite of being the holiday season, shoppers in US are eager to spend their cash only if they get good discounts. Even though there are positive signs that show the economy is improving, massive chain stores do not expect their customers in America to enter their malls as a part of their holiday shopping until they see a gleaming sign in red reading out discounts. So, the American shoppers tend to shop in advance when there is a discount sale and avoid going for shopping during holiday season.

Apple Confirms Its Acquisition Of Prime Sense, 3D Sensor Company

Apple has put a full stop to an array on speculations and rumors that were circulated few days back that it has sealed the deal with Prime Sense, the 3D sensor company based in Israel. While the reports earlier conveyed that the transaction would cost anywhere between $300 million to $350 million, the actual figure of the transaction was a whopping sum close to $360 million though the real money involved in the deal is not disclosed.

NASA's visco-elastic foam mattress facilitates a comfortable night's sleep!

We all know that NASA has contributed to some of the greatest technological advancements in the space industry, but there is also one invention that we get to enjoy personally on a daily basis...for a good nap!

NASA Enters Partnership With Planetary Resources For Asteroid Hunting Contests

Though people are interested in video games that feature asteroids for a few decades now, NASA has entered in to a great partnership to create a niche among the asteroid contests for this 21st century.

Facebook Sues Spammer For Fake Sex Tapes Of Bieber And Selena

Facebook has taken legal action against the alleged spammer for posting fake sex links that featured the popular singers, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The Court papers that were filed indicate that Christopher Peter Tarquini was the brain behind the fake messages on the facebook. The facebook users when they clicked on the link were redirected to those websites that offered enormous payments to Mr.Tarquini for his “deed”.

Know More About India's Best Banks 2013

Banks of India have remained highly profitable last year and the outlook for banks for this year is very positive. As the face of banking is changing tremendously, about 1.2 million population has begun to make use of the banking services to fulfill their money needs and are delaying with net banking and mobile banking.

Its official! Google Wallet now comes with a debit card!

Rumors that Google would offer customers a physical payment card that could access their Google Wallet balance and be used for purchasing goods is now a reality! The Google Wallet Card has officially arrived!