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10 Ways To Cut Household Expenses

In uncertain and difficult times, we all look for ways to pinch pennies. Here is a list of 10 areas where you can cut costs to live within your means:

The Coming Financial Time Bomb

Maybe you've heard this popular myth:

A major cause of the financial crisis was boneheaded Wall Street compensation packages unaligned with shareholder interests.

3 Bargain Stocks for This Market

In "70 Times Better Than the Next Microsoft," my colleague Bill Barker revealed which category of stocks outperformed from 1927 to 2005.

Big Winners for Small Investors

There's an old story in investing circles that goes something like this ...

A Midwest billionaire claims he can earn you 50% profits year after year, investing in nothing other than ordinary common stocks. Of course, there's a condition. Intrigued? I was.

Jon Gosselin spotted in France with his new lady love

Los Angeles, July 12: Merely weeks after announcing the end of his turbulent marriage with Kate, Jon Gosselin of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was spotted strolling on the streets of St. Tropez, France with his new lady love.

SEC to get more power for investor protection

Washington, July 12: The U.S. government intends to grant the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) the authority to spot and prohibit compensation practice at investment and brokerage firms that get in the way of their fiduciary duties towards patrons.

West Nile virus strikes again

Washington, July 12: West Nile virus is on the prowl again, with health officials declaring that mosquitoes found in various stagnant pools of water in Southwest Washington contain the virus.

NY girl falls in manhole while texting, Family plans lawsuit

New York, July 12:It is evident that the consequence of driving while texting are often dangerous and can be fatal. Now, a recent incidence has proved that even texting while walking can equally be dangerous.

Hospital technician could have exposed thousands of patients to hepatitis C

Denver, Colorado, July 11:Thousands of patients may have been exposed to hepatitis C by a painkiller-addicted technician who had the disease and allegedly swapped her dirty syringes for ones filled with Fentanyl, meant for patients.

Lightning strikes delay Endeavour’s launch

Cape Canaveral, July 12: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) put off launch of the space shuttle Endeavour by a day to ensure that the spacecraft’s electrical systems were in good shape and had not been damaged by lightning strikes.